JD/MBA Program

The university has established a joint JD/MBA degree program. This program of the Charlton College of Business and the School of Law provides applicants with the opportunity to enroll in both the Master’s in Business Administration program and the Juris Doctor program simultaneously.An image of a Juris Doctor diploma.

Applicants for the JD/MBA degree program should satisfy the entrance requirements set by each program. Admission to one program does not guarantee that the applicant will be admitted to the other. 

The joint JD/MBA allows students to integrate advanced management study and a law school education in a structure that is compatible with full-time as well as part-time study. Classes are held during the evening hours, on weekends, and during the day.

Because students may use credits earned in one of the programs in the other, the amount of time required to earn both degrees is less than would be possible without the joint program. Full-time students may enroll simultaneously in business and law courses, and they can complete both degrees in approximately three years. Part-time students typically register for an entire semester in one program, and they can complete both degrees in five years. 

Law School Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements for the JD degree do not change because a student is enrolled in the program. To be awarded the JD degree, a student must meet all of the normal graduation requirements of the Law School.


Up to nine credits (of the 90 needed to be awarded a JD) can be earned in courses that are offered by the College of Business if the course has been approved in advance by the Law School. The JD/MBA Policy Statement (PDF) lists the courses that are currently approved. Additional courses offered by the College of Business may be added if, in the opinion of the Associate Dean and Curriculum Committee, they cover materials that will prepare students for admission to the bar or for effective and responsible participation in the legal profession.

A Faculty Member, Dean, or appropriate Associate Dean of either the Law School or the College of Business may submit a request to the Curriculum Committee of the Law School to have a new course added to the list of approved courses or to strike a course that no longer is suitable. The Curriculum Committee will determine if the proposal fits the educational objectives of the Law School.

Students should note that these credits are not offered at the Law School and cannot be used to satisfy the requirement that at least 65 credit hours of their legal education be obtained by attending regularly scheduled classes at the Law School. In addition, under ABA Standards, a student is precluded from taking courses on a distance basis (e.g., over the internet) until the student has completed instruction in 28 credit hours toward the JD degree. The grades in courses taken at the College of Business will not be included in a student’s law school GPA.

Six credits of electives that are taken at the Law School can be used to satisfy the Business Electives requirement to obtain the MBA degree. The determination of what Law School courses can be used to satisfy MBA degree requirements is made by the College of Business. Students should contact the Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies at the College of Business to determine what courses are recognized and how new courses can be added.

Students interested in the joint-degree program should contact the Graduate Admissions Office.


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