JD/MPP Program

A joint degree program offered by the Department of Public Policy and the School of Law gives applicants the opportunity to enroll in both the Master’s in An image of a Juris Doctor diploma.Public Policy program and the Juris Doctor program simultaneously. Applicants with baccalaureate degrees in any field who meet the entrance requirements of each program are eligible to apply.

The joint JD/MPP degree program allows students to integrate advanced policy studies and a law school education in a structure that is compatible with part-time as well as full-time study. Classes are held during the day and evening hours. The schedule of a full-time student, after the first year of full-time law study, would comprise three JD courses during the day, and two MPP courses during the evening, a course load of 15 credits sequenced so that the student moves through the curriculum expeditiously. For more information, see the JD/MPP Program Description (PDF).

The sequence of courses and the Law School curricular requirements may be found in the JD/MPP Curriculum Outline (PDF).

Both degrees may be completed full-time in approximately three and a half calendar years. A part-time student typically completes both degrees in five years with summer study and must complete both degrees within seven years.

Students interested in the joint-degree program should contact the Graduate Admissions Office.


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