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Available scholarships and fellowships

Public Interest Law Fellowships

The Public Interest Law Fellowship Overview Committee awards up to 25 fellowships annually. Applications for law fellowships are offered to all students at admission. Students who are awarded fellowships receive a 50% reduction of their tuition and fees.

Outside scholarships

Every year the law school financial aid services staff receives information about several outside scholarships. Students are notified about application information and scholarship details by email.

Bar associations, corporations and some organizations to which you or members of your family belong offer scholarships and loans to law students. There are also scholarship search websites such as www.fastweb.com and www.finaid.org 
available free of charge. We encourage you to research these potential opportunities for additional financial support.

Please note that outside scholarships are counted as financial resources when calculating eligibility for funds based on your total cost of attendance budget. Your cost of attendance budget, determined by enrollment and residency, is listed under the financial aid tab in your COIN account or can be obtained by contacting Law School Financial Services. 

Outside scholarships

Selected students must remain in academic good standing (one semester grace period allowed) to keep their fellowship and must work as an attorney in a public service job for four years after admission to the bar. In our most recently completed academic year, 90% of Public Interest Law Fellows remained in academic good standing.

The Public Interest Law Fellowship Program Agreement Terms and Conditions (PDF) details information about other specifications and stipulations regarding law fellowships.

More information about Public Interest Law Fellowships

UMass Law Commonwealth Fellows program

UMass School of Law has launched a new Commonwealth Fellows program to provide an automatic $5,000 discount for incoming law students who are either Massachusetts residents or attended a Massachusetts public college or university as an undergraduate, and who scored a 152 or higher on the LSAT and earned a 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA. Additional need and merit based aid will be available to the Fellows.

Consideration for the scholarship is automatic with the application. There is no separate application form. Students who meet the qualifying criteria are guaranteed acceptance barring any character and fitness issues and will have a decision within two weeks of a file becoming complete. More

Academic Merit Scholarships

UMass Law also offers academic merit scholarships. These scholarships are based on past academic performance and evidence of exceptional promise in a legal career. All accepted applicants are automatically considered and notified at the time of acceptance. There is no separate application.

Students are awarded a three-year to five-year scholarship depending on full- or part-time status, renewed annually as long as the recipient remains in academic good standing.

Access to Justice Scholarships

The Dean has established five Access to Justice Scholarships to be awarded  to outstanding applicants who have overcome substantial obstacles throughout their life and academic careers and have a demonstrated commitment to serving justice.

The awards range from $5,000 to $8,000. An applicant must have an LSAT score of 145 or above and a GPA of 2.8 or above to be a candidate for this scholarship.

Hoff Law Scholarships

Eligible students are personally invited to apply for annual Hoff Law Scholarships. The award is $6,000, and the number of scholarships offered varies per award year.

Scholarship Terms

  • US citizens or eligible non-citizens who are permanent residents of Massachusetts

  • full-time students who are alumni/ae of a UMass undergraduate program

  • recipients must have financial need of at least $6,000 by federal aid guidelines

  • preference given to Public Interest Law Fellows and students with higher GPAs

Continuation of Hoff Law Scholarships is conditional upon satisfactory performance and continual financial eligibility. The maximum length of the award is six semesters.


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