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Public Interest Law Fellowship

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The Public Interest Law Fellowship Program (PILF) offers a comprehensive, integrated program which is designed to train students for careers in public service. This program provides specialized counseling, frequent exposure to public interest lawyers and policy makers, and numerous opportunities for "hands on" experience in public interest law internships.

Up to 25 Fellowships are awarded to entering students each year in a highly competitive application process. The Fellowship includes a 50% scholarship for BOTH tuition and fees in exchange for a commitment to practice public interest law for four years upon graduation. Also, participation in various public service programs while enrolled at the law school is required.

Internship/Externship Opportunities

Through UMass Law's extensive network of public interest law placements, PILF students have numerous opportunities to get "real life experience" in a field that is of interest to them. We offer a wide variety of programs through which students may get placed in an internship or externship which will expand their knowledge and provide them with invaluable experience.‌An image of a Public Interest Law Program in the Larkin Moot Courtroom at UMass Law.

Programs include:

  • field placements
  • clinics
  • public interest summer stipends
  • traditional internship opportunities

UMass Law students have been placed in public interest placements including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Judicial Clerkships
  • District Attorneys' offices
  • Public Defenders' offices
  • Legal Services Agencies
  • State Agencies' legal departments
  • City Solicitors' offices
  • State Legislative offices
  • Congressional offices

First Thursday of the Month - Public Interest Law Panel Discussion

On the first Thursday of every month during the academic year, a Public Interest Law panel discussion is held at the law school in the Moot Court Room. Each panel covers a specific area of public interest law to expose the law school community to the various fields that exist. Additionally, Public Interest Panels are a great opportunity to meet and network with experienced public interest law practitioners.‌An image of a Public Interest Law Program in the Larkin Moot Courtroom at UMass Law.

The PILF program also hosts or co-hosts additional events that bring high profile speakers in the area of law and public policy tothe UMass Law campus.

Public Interest Law Panels

Panels that are scheduled for this semester

Previous panel topics


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