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Transition to Law School Program

The law school offers a Transition to Law School Program for new students who are interested in getting a head start on their legal education.

How it works


During the summer session, students take a three-credit Transition to Justice course. Because this course may satisfy the first-semester Criminal Law requirement, the student’s fall semester course load is reduced by one course. This gives the student more time in the fall semester to focus on other first-year courses.Transition to Law


No credit is given for the Transition to Justice course unless the student receives a satisfactory grade (C or above). Those who do not receive a satisfactory grade in the summer session are required to take Criminal Law in the fall with the entering class.

The student’s transcript will reflect both grades, but the unsatisfactory grade will not be included in calculating the student's grade point average.


The program is held from mid-June through the first week of August. To be eligible for participation in this summer session, you must be an accepted student for the fall and have paid the necessary seat deposit. Attendance in this program is not required.

Limited seating is available for this program. Registrations are therefore taken on a first-come-first-served basis. While the program is open to all accepted students, some students in particular may be asked to consider taking advantage of this unique opportunity.


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