Alumni Spotlights

Roger Dugal '89 - Attorney in Private Practice, Educator

“Obtaining a JD has enabled me to do the two things I love most: teach and practice law. My SNESL experience and law practice have enhanced my teaching skills by helping me make my students think more, be better organized and prepared, and present material in a more objective manner. By getting so involved I make use of the things I learned at SNESL: how to organize, analyze and articulate plans that people need.” 

Sabine Coyne '95 - Assistant District Attorney

“SNESL taught me analytical thinking and gave me confidence as an attorney. The SNESL community has always been so supportive and cohesive.”

Joseph Ferreira '92 - Police Chief, Law Firm Associate, Adjunct Professor

"I know that I would not have been the Chief of Police and have had a very successful law practice without SNESL. There is not a day that goes by that I do not employ my legal skills."

Anne Walsh Folino '97 - Director, Law School Academic Resources and Writing Center

"SNESL's SouthCoast presence provided the opportunity for me to attend law school when commuting to Boston with four small children was impossible."

Jacqueline Grasso '93 - Municipal Court Chief Judge, Law Firm Principal, Adjunct Law School Professor, Legal Affairs Show Producer/Host

“As a result of my legal education, I have volunteered my services to low income people, women victims of domestic abuse, business owners, retirees, and the elderly, as well as produced and hosted a ‘Legal Matters’ public access show providing advice in various areas.”

Charles Green, Jr. '05 - Deputy Assistant, Public Defense

"SNESL and its faculty and staff provided not just a top notch law school experience; the law school also provided a sense of pride, caring, accomplishment and togetherness. My career objective was to practice law to help people; currently, as a Deputy Assistant Public Defender I am meeting this objective. In addition, my law school education has fine-tuned my critical reading, legal reasoning and analytical skills, which has in turn made me a better attorney.”

Jennifer Harrington '98 - Chief Legal Counsel, Narragansett Bay Commission 

“My education at SNESL was a dream come true. I had always wanted to be an attorney, yet I was not looking forward to the prospect of going to school in Boston. So when I visited SNESL it seemed as though it would be a perfect fit, and I was right. By attending a smaller school such as SNESL I was really able to get to know the professors/staff who ultimately referred me to my first two legal positions, those positions helped shape me into the attorney I am today."

"I was able to fulfill a dream without placing myself or my family in permanent debt. SNESL gave me the same or better education as any number of colleagues, yet the debt that they still carry with them even today far exceeds my own, and consequently their career/family choices are hindered due to their debt. By attending SNESL I was able to have the best of both worlds—a career that I am proud of and a family life that I can enjoy. The education I received at SNESL allows me to provide my family with everything they need to hopefully become successful in whatever endeavors life throws their way.”

Jernita Hines '05 - Legal Services Staff Attorney

"I took a chance on SNESL because of the staff, location of the school, curriculum, internship opportunities and small class size. SNESL has instilled a drive in me to break down barriers, provided a pathway for hope that was once not there, and upgraded my stature in my community—and I am proud of that.”

Barry Lang '93 - Law Firm Principal

“SNESL’s focus was practical, which gave me a good basis upon which to hone my skills as a trial lawyer. As a medical doctor, the medical community benefits from my experience as a trial lawyer in lectures I provide hospitals in risk management to reduce medical errors, thereby helping patients, physicians and other healthcare providers.”

Linda Layne '95 - Nurse, Retired State Court Legal Research Manager

“I took full advantage of the opportunity to attend a local law school where talented and dedicated educators instilled in me a love of law and fostered a sense of commitment to the legal community. My SNESL experience and education allowed me to work in a challenging legal environment and to meaningfully contribute to the justice system."

Stephen Marshalek '94 - Attorney General, Deputy Regional Chief

"At the time I decided to go to law school I was working full time and a new father. SNESL allowed me the opportunity to obtain my JD by going to school nights and weekends. Without this option available to me, I would not have been able to go to law school."

Shawn Masterson '03 - Law Firm Associate

"SNESL empowered me to set and accomplish a lifelong goal. SNESL provided me not only the tools and skills to become a good lawyer, but also taught me to respect the law. It is the understanding of the power of the law that has helped guide me in giving back to the community.”

Kris Oliveira '94 - Corporate Vice President and Senior Risk Manager

“My SNESL education first and foremost promoted a love of the study of law because the faculty and administration always, literally, had an open door policy. They challenged the students and themselves, and encouraged the entire SNESL community to strive for balance between school, family and work.” 

David Omiunu '00 - Assistant District Attorney 

“As a student from Nigeria, Southern New England School of Law provided me with the opportunity to achieve my dream of becoming an attorney and an Assistant District Attorney. This would not be possible without the incredible effort of the faculty members who gave unselfishly to create such a positive and supportive educational environment.”

Rosa Previdi '96 - Legal Services Executive Director

“I had great professors who gave me a solid academic background. As the result of this academic background and training, I became a successful legal services attorney and eventually the executive director of a legal services hotline located in Boston. My first contact with the legal services community was through a summer internship coordinated by SNESL."

Clark Whaley '00 - Federal Law Enforcement Agency Intelligence Analyst

"It is unusual to love what you do, but that is exactly what SNESL did for me. SNESL gave me the legal foundation and confidence to pursue and obtain a fulfilling and exciting career."


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