Fundraising Priorities

Friends of the Law School

This support goes where it is most needed and gives the dean the flexibility to meet unforeseen challenges. It provides start-up funding for new initiatives or enriches current programs. It is highly desired at any level, allowing the funds to flow to any of the priorities below or meet other commitments.   

Access to Justice Scholarships

Access to education is a cornerstone of who we are, and scholarships are one way to offer even greater access. Even though we have a stronger commitment to access legal education than many other law schools we have a far smaller fund to support it. We can provide scholarship support for students whose economic circumstances make it difficult or impossible to go to law school, further increasing access to justice. Both current use and endowed scholarships are needed. Gifts range from two year, partial scholarships or endowed scholarships at $25,000; endowed scholarships can be named.

Bar Pass Stipends

Many of our students have work and childcare responsibilities that limit their ability to devote adequate preparation time for the bar exam. Federal loans are not available to cover this, and private loans are often out of reach. We can level the playing field for our students and provide stipends so they will be able to study for the bar free from such obligations. The cost ranges from $3,000-$4000 per student.

Clinic Support

We have a strong clinic program that increases access to justice, while providing an invaluable educational experience for our students. Our clinic ensures students receive instruction from practicing professionals and gives back to the community by providing legal services to those who can't afford it. The cost is $100,000 for startup costs. Also, clinics can be named for $250,000 - $500,000.

Summer Internship Stipends

Summer internships are essential to finding employment after Law School. Often, internships are non-paying, and in order to pursue a career which benefits the public good, stipends make up the difference. Support for Summer Internship Stipends range from $3,000-$4,000 per student per summer.

Co-curricular Support

We can support our students as they compete in national and international moot court competitions and travel to represent the School as part of the Law Student Delegation to the ABA Convention. In addition, this support can be used for Alternative Spring Break—giving students real world experience in bringing access to justice in real world situations. Annual travel and support ranges between $5,000 and $10,000 per year.