Alumni Association

The University of Massachusetts School of Law - Dartmouth Alumni Association is proud to serve as a public service and networking resource for the alumni of UMass Law. The purpose of the UMass Law Alumni Association is to further the interests of UMass Law and its alumni by developing their connection to UMass Law and to one another.

An image of UMass Law graduates at commencement.The Alumni Association serves as a lifelong resource to alumni and additionally encourages alumni to participate in public service initiatives and to contribute to the continued excellence of UMass Law.

The association provides the following services for alumni and law students:

Members of the UMass Law Alumni Association can sign up to be a point person for current law students and alumni seeking job search assistance. Alumni can also sign up to participate in job search strategy panels and conduct mock job interviews for UMass Law students.

All UMass Law and SNESL graduates are granted membership to the Alumni Association, and others may apply for membership as honorary members. Any member can run for officer or director positions on the Alumni Association Board of Directors; officers and directors are elected for one-year terms at a yearly meeting.





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