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Administration & staff

UMass Law Administration OfficeOffice of the Dean

Mary Lu Bilek
Dean, Professor of Law

Eric J. Mitnick
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor of Law

Daniel Fitzpatrick
Assistant Dean for Administration & Finance

Natasha Ostrowski
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Academic Resources

Rebecca Flanagan
Assistant Professor of Law, Director of Academic Skills Program

Anne Walsh Folino 
Director, Graduate Academic Resources and Legal Writing Center


David Pallozzi
Assistant Dean of Admissions

Nancy Fitzsimmons Hebert 
Assistant Director of Law School Recruitment and Marketing

Melissa Costa
Administrative Assistant

Clinical and Experiential Learning

Margaret Drew
Associate Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Programs & Experiential Learning

Irene M. Scharf 
Professor of Law, Director of Immigration Law Clinic

Shaun B. Spencer 
Assistant Professor of Law, Director of Legal Skills

Amanda M. Spratley
Assistant Professor of Law, Director of Community Development Clinic

Rita Resende
Immigration Clinic Fellow

Crystal Desirey
Clinical Coordinator


Annette Cain 
Administrative Assistant to the Faculty

Pam Rogers
Administrative Assistant

Financial Aid

Sandra Leger Silva 
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Financial Services

Peter J. Przybyla 
Assistant Dean, Law School Financial Services

Law Enrollment Center

Nancy Moniz 
Assistant Director, Law Enrollment Center

Brenda Shepherd 
Administrative Assistant, Law Enrollment Center

Tecia Xifaras 
Administrative Assistant, Law Enrollment Center

Holly Fern
Administrative Assistant, Law Enrollment Center

Law Library

Spencer E. Clough 
Associate Professor of Law, Associate Dean, Director of the Law Library

Abby Davis 
Acquisitions and Cataloging

Debra Fatula 
Library Assistant

Emma Wood
Assistant Librarian - Public Services

Jessica Almeida
Assistant Librarian - Public Services

Law Career and Alumni Services

Leslie B. Wilson 
Director of Legal Career Services and Alumni Services

Julie Cahill
Assistant Director of Legal Career Services

Public Interest Law Programs

John Quinn
Director of Public Interest Law Programs

Student Services

Victoria Ortiz
Assistant Dean of Student Engagement & Professional Development

Technology Services: CITS

Joseph Gray 
Coordinator of IT Operations/Law School

Brian S. Miranda 
Systems Analyst, CITS


David Fatula 
Maintenance Working Foreman

Elton Santos 


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