Joseph Gray - Coordinator of IT Operations/Law School

Joseph Gray's staff portrait.

Administrative Duties

Joseph is the Coordinator of IT operations at UMass Law and liaison to the greater UMass community and outside interests. Joe manages a team of two student IT assistants, the electronic infrastructure for UMass Law exams using the ExamSoft platform, and serves as a site engineer for the Massachusetts Bar exams.

Joe also maintains an audit-able inventory of all Law school computing equipment, in-house audio/video equipment and processes, and is the Principal Engineer for the Massachusetts' based Justice Bridge legal incubator. Joe is also a member of the law school's Library Technolgy & Facilities (LTF) Committee.

Professional Background

Before coming to Southern New England School of Law, where he was Director of Information Technology, Joe was a small business owner and a Technology Consultant.

Joe started his formal career in Information Technology in the early 1990s for a company named FTP Software, where he sold and supported TCP/IP to companies and individuals to enable DOS and Windows computers to connect to the Internet. When Windows 95 emerged with TCP/IP as a standard option in the operating system, it was time to move on.

Joe spent several years in the IT industry in the Financial district of downtown Boston at corporations such as Thomson Financial, before moving into consultancy.

His earlier technological training was obtained while he served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps in the Crypto Division. Joe trained at Fort Gordon in Georgia. Back in the 1980s, the Crypto and Intelligence divisions were separate but partners in the Army security infrastructure. The divisions have been merged now. For many years Joe maintained a DoD Secret/Need to Know security clearance.





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