Hillary B. Farber - Associate Professor of Law

Hillary B. Farber's faculty portrait.

J.D., Northeastern University School of Law
B.A., University of Michigan

Courses and administrative duties

Associate Professor Hillary B. Farber teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, and evidence. Her research focuses on criminal law and criminal procedure issues, with a particular focus on juveniles and issues of privacy.

Professional background

Professor Hillary B. Farber has published articles on topics such as juvenile interrogations, a parent-child testimonial privilege, and the privacy and regulatory issues implicated by the use of unmanned aircraft systems. 

Professor Farber has appeared on national radio and television programs commenting on the domestic use of unmanned aircraft systems. She recently spoke at a groundbreaking conference on the use of unmanned aircraft systems in the News and Entertainment Industries hosted by the Biederman Institute in Los Angeles, CA. In February 2014 Professor Farber presented on the U.S. regulatory and legislative approaches to unmanned aerial surveillance in Adelaide, South Australia. She has also been a guest lecturer at Flinders Law School in Adelaide, South Australia and the University of New South Wales Law School in Sydney, Australia.  Her most recent article on the subject is Eyes in The Sky: Constitutional and Regulatory Approaches to Domestic Drone Deployment, 64 Syracuse L Rev. 1 (2013).  

Professor Farber serves on the Advisory Board of the Boston Chapter of the American Constitution Society, the Board of Directors for Suffolk Lawyers for Justice, and the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers' Guild. She is a founding member of the New England Innocence Project. Professor Farber earned a B.A. in political science with high honors from the University of Michigan and received her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law.

Watch Professor Farber's recent appearances on Fox 25 Boston:

Professor Farber discusses the war on drones

Professor Farber on the regulation of civilian drone use


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