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Titles Added: August - Sept 2012

School law in Massachusetts
Rhoda E. Schneider (ed.); Daniel W. Ahearn ... [et al.]
KFM 2790.S366

Massachusetts basic practice manual
John F. Adkins ... [et al.]
KFM 2480.M26522

Personal injury: tort and insurance practice
Richard B. McNamara

KFN 1280.N48

Massachusetts basic practice manual
John F. Adkins ... [et al.]
KFM 2480.M26522

Massachusetts elder law
William J. Brisk, Ilene S. Klein, Ellen B. Scult
KFM 2491.A3 B753

To form a more perfect union: milestones of the civil rights movement
E 185.61.T64

Tax, estate & financial planning for the elderly

John J. Regan

KF 750.R45

Refugee roulette: disparities in asylum adjudication and proposals for reform
Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Andrew I. Schoenholtz, and Philip G. Schrag; foreword by Edward M. Kennedy
KF 4836.R36

The Supreme Court and the press: the indispensable conflict
Joe Mathewson; foreword by Fred Graham

KF 4772.M38

Recent developments in public utility, communications, and transportation industries
American Bar Association
KF 325.184.A4

Agency, partnership, and the LLC in a nutshell
J. Dennis Hynes and Mark J. Loewenstein

KF 1375.Z9 H95

Wills and trusts in a nutshell

Robert L. Mennell and Sherri L. Burr
KF 755.Z9.M38

Understanding Jewish law

Steven H. Resnicoff

KBM 524.R47

If I don't pass the bar I'll die: 73 ways to keep stress and worry from affecting your performance on the bar exam

Rosemary La Puma

KF 303.L3

Special education law in Massachusetts
Daniel W. Ahearn ... [et al.]
KFM 2795.9.H3 S64

Acing the bar exam: a checklist approach to taking the bar exam
Suzanne Darrow-Kleinhaus
KF 303.D369

Courtroom evidence handbook
Steven Goode, Olin Guy Wellborn

KF 8935.Z9 G63

Understanding the First Amendment
Russell L. Weaver, Donald E. Lively.
KF 4770.W43

Understanding modern real estate transactions
Alex M. Johnson, Jr.
KF 665.Z9 J638

European Consortium for Political Research
Edited by Sebastian Haunss, Kenneth C. Shadlen

K 1401.A6 E92

Effectively representing your client before the IRS: a practical manual for the tax practitioner with sample correspondence and forms
Keith Fogg, editor-in-chief

KF 6320.E38

Pleasing the court: writing ethical and effective briefs
Judith D. Fischer

KF 250.F53

Reading law: the interpretation of legal texts
Antonin Scalia & Bryan A. Garner

K 290.S33

Elevator and escalator accident reconstruction and litigation

James Filippone ... [et al.]

KF 1287.5.E45 E43

International taxation: corporate and individual

Philip F. Postlewaite, Stephanie Renee Hoffer
KF 6419.P66

I know who you are and I saw what you did: social networks and the death of privacy

Lori Andrews
HM 851.A66

Ira J. Kurzban's immigration law sourcebook: a comprehensive outline and reference tool
Ira J. Kurzban

KF 4819.K87

Answering the call of the court: how justices and litigants set the Supreme Court agenda
Vanessa A. Baird

KF 8742.B293

Corporate governance and business ethics
Edited by Jeremy Moon, Marc Orlitzky and Glen Whelan

HD 2741 .C7748177

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act: from legislation to implementation to litigation

Susan Berson and Dave Berson

KF 969.58201 .A2





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