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Other schools and libraries

Federal Resources and Information Cornell Law Library   
Excellent, comprehensive, one stop site for legal resources

University of Pittsburgh 
Premier site for legal education. Especially useful for law students. Sample exams, study guides, legal news

Washburn Law Library
Excellent primary and international law resources lists

U.S. GovernmentAn image of a UMass Law student studying in the stacks.

Federal Courts nationwide
Locate all Federal Courts on the web at this site

Statistical Abstract of United States 
Statistical information compiled by the US Census Bureau

Tech Agreements
Download sample contracts, agreements and deal intelligence from actual documents filed with the SEC

Access to legislative documents

U.S. Government Printing Office
Access to CFR

U.S. Government Printing Office
Federal Digital System 

Massachusetts law resources

Massachusetts Bar Association
Consumer information on basic legal topics

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly
Weekly newspaper for the legal community including news, court opinions, employment opportunities

Massachusetts Resources and Information Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Official state web site: doing online business with the state, state agency information, forms

Massachusetts Trial Court
Massachusetts Trial Court Judicial Branch  
Access to the Massachusetts court system information and forms

Supreme Judicial Court  
Slip opinions, news from the Massachusetts highest appellate court

Trial Court Law Libraries 
One stop links to legal information in Massachusetts as well as consumer focused legal information

1st Circuit District Court, Boston, MA 
Court information and official forms for District Court and Bankruptcy Court


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