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UMass Law announces three-year freeze in tuition and law school fees

June 21, 2012

The University of Massachusetts School of Law today announced that it would freeze its tuition and mandatory law school-related fees for the next three years, starting with the 2012-2013 academic year, at current levels.

The announcement guarantees that students entering in fall 2012 will be better able to predict the total cost of their education—and keep that cost at about 50% of private alternatives.

Under the cost freeze plan, the following annual tuition and law school fee rates will remain in place:

Full-time (Fall 2014)

  • In-state - $14,303.00
  • Out-of-state - $18,149.00
  • Regional/proximity - $15.237.00


  • In-state -- $11,354.99
  • Out-of-state - $14,239.99
  • Regional/proximity - $12,055.55

UMass Law will also continue to offer significant merit- and need-based aid that can further lower the out-of-pocket costs for students.

Tuition & fees

Financial aid

The cost freeze follows recent announcements that UMass Law has secured provisional accreditation by the American Bar Association, allowing graduates to take the bar exam in any state; and the appointment of CUNY School of Law Associate Dean and Professor Mary Lu Bilek as UMass Law dean. UMass Law also announced today that it is extending its application deadline to July 30. Read more





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