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UMass School of Law Launches Justice Bridge

Connecting new graduates with mentors and clients who have unmet legal needs

Author: Joseph Sullivan

July 29, 2014

The UMass School of Law at UMass Dartmouth announced today the launch of a law incubator focused on  bringing quality, affordable legal services to clients with unmet legal needs. The "Justice Bridge" incubator is designed to provide quality legal representation to clients who cannot afford traditional market rates, while supporting recent UMass Law graduates who wish to develop solo, small firm or public interest practices. 

"Justice Bridge is a perfect opportunity for UMass Law and UMass Law is the perfect home for Justice Bridge," said UMass Law Dean Mary Lu Bilek. "As the Commonwealth's public law school, UMass Law is committed to improving access to justice in the state and to preparing our students to practice as justice-centered lawyers. The worth of our justice system depends on our ability to make quality legal representation accessible for people in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure, their apartments to eviction, or their children in custody battles." 

"Ultimately, Justice Bridge is about restoring hope -- hope for new attorneys questioning their job prospects and hope for persons fearing that legal advice was beyond their means," said Justice Bridge Executive Director Len Zandrow. "The program is built on the zeal of its attorneys, the latest developments in technology, the experience of its mentors, and our community's collaborative spirit. Justice Bridge strives to  coordinate with bar associations, legal service providers, law firms and community organizations to help deliver quality, affordable representation, while reducing the growing number of individuals representing themselves in our family, housing and probate courts." 

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