Law School Commencement 2016

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Welcome, family and friends. Congratulations to the Class of 2016.

General information about commencement may be found on the university commencement page and the commencement resources section of this page.

This page contains information specific to the law school and will be updated as new information becomes available.

UMass Law's Commencement Exercises were held on Monday, May 16, 2016, at 10:00 am, in the Angus Bailey Auditorium in the Campus Center.

Commencement checklist 

The Graduation Checklist (2016) (PDF) outlines the steps you need to take before graduation day. Additional information will‌ ‌come to you via your UMass e-mail account. Please make sure you are checking it regularly.

Graduation application

You must submit an application for diploma to the University Registrar’s Office. If you have yet to submit your application, pleaseAn image of a UMass Law student receiving their diploma. do so promptly. You can access this form at the Registrar’s webpage.

Caps & gowns

You must order your caps and gowns online. You will then be able to pick up your cap, gown, and commencement tickets at the Law School (Dean of Students Office) beginning Wednesday, May 4. All financial obligations must be met before picking up your cap and gown. 

Bar certification

Bar Certificates are prepared by the Law Enrollment Center for the Dean’s signature. Students who plan to sit for the July bar examination must submit their request for a certificate to the LEC by April 30. These forms require degree certification by the LEC and cannot be mailed until after graduation. 

Students who plan to sit for the Massachusetts bar examination may obtain information from the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners

Information about bar admission in other jurisdictions is available on the bar admission information page.

Financial aid exit interview

Federal regulations regarding your Subsidized, Unsubsidized and Grad Plus loans require that you complete exit counseling upon graduation. You will receive instructions and information about on line, group and individual sessions from the Law School Financial Aid Office as graduation nears.

Bar loan information

Private Loans to cover the cost of a commercial bar preparation course and living expenses during the period immediately after graduation are available. For more information about obtaining a bar loan, please contact the Law School Financial Aid Office.

Career Services

The Pro Bono Program requires all students enrolled since August 2010 to complete at least 30 hours of pre-approved pro bono work between the completion of the first year curriculum and the end of the third month of the student’s last semester of law school and to submit a signed and completed Pro Bono Program Hour Log Form (PDF) to the Career Services Office for verification.

All graduating students need to schedule a “Post-Graduation Planning Appointment” to have your resume and cover letter reviewed and to discuss post-graduation career plans and strategies for obtaining your professional goals.

All graduating students should complete the Grad Placement Survey (2016) (PDF).

Alumni Association

Welcome into the UMass Law Alumni Family! Remember, you will always be a member of the UMass Law Alumni Association

Once you graduate, make sure you stay up to date on what is happening at the law school by visiting our webpage, liking the UMass Law Alumni Association page on Facebook, and connecting with the UMass Law Alumni Association on LinkedIn

We want to stay in touch with you! If you move or change your e-mail address, don't forget to let us know by sending us an e-mail ( As an alum, you are able to keep your umassd e-mail address. You will be asked to renew your address every year.

Commencement resources

    University commencement page

    Bar admission information

    University Registrar’s Office

    Graduation Checklist (2016) (PDF)

           Law Enrollment Center

           Commencement FAQs

           Grad Placement Survey (2016) (PDF)






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