Law Enrollment Center

The Law Enrollment Center maintains the academic records of the University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth and monitors and enforces many of the academic procedures and policies of the law school. 

Located in the Administrative Office on the first floor, the Law Enrollment Center handles class registration, transcript requests, and student record-keeping. Additionally, all Bar Examination certifications must be submitted through the Law Enrollment Center.

  LEC Hours Fall 2016

   Aug 30-Dec 5

   Monday - 9-5 pm
   Tuesday - 9-5 pm
   Wednesday - 9-6:30 pm
   Thursday - 9-6:30 pm
   Friday - 9-5 pm
   Saturday - 1st & 3rd of Month - 8:30-12 pm

Dec 5-8

Monday 9-5 pm
Tuesday 9-5 pm
Wednesday 9-5 pm
Thursday 9-5 pm

‌  ‌Fall 2016 LEC Hours

FERPA Information

Information about the students’ rights under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) may be found in the university statement of student rights and responsibilities.

Law Enrollment Center staff

      Nancy Moniz
     Assistant Director
     Tecia Xifaras
    Administrative Assistant

     Brenda Shepherd 
     Administrative Assistant







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