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Mario Nimock

Mario Nimock's portrait.

Degree: Juris Doctor

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

"I knew that I'd get a great education without the cost of attending a private law school..."
Why did you choose to attend UMass Law?

I chose UMass Law because of its potential. I attended a public university for my undergraduate degree, and when I decided to get my JD, UMass Law was opening its doors. I knew that I'd get a great education without the cost of attending a private law school, and the potential for ABA accreditation was always there.

What makes UMass Law special?

The students. Everyone in the law school has a different back story. The great thing about that is, we use our differences as a way to learn more about life. It's really hard to stay in a "bubble" here, because one is surrounded by different people each day.

Tell us about something you're involved with here and how it's changed you.

I'm the president of OUTLaw. OUTLaw is an organization for LGBTQ law students and their allies. We serve as a social, support, and political group, and actively combat any discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender both inside and outside of the law school.


We are a new organizaion, but so far we've brought in speakers and worked with other student organizations to bring awareness to, not only LGBTQ issues, but other minority issues as well. 





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