Student Organizations

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Student Bar Association

Take part in UMass Law's student government, elected by and representing all UMass Law students‌:

  • represent a diverse, unique student body
  • work directly with faculty and administration
  • facilitate student group activities


UMass Law Review

Publish UMass Law's biannual student-reviewed law journal:

  • review and edit author submissions
  • coordinate UMass Law Review's annual Roundtable Law Symposium
  • work your way up the ranks of the editorial staff 


Mock Trial Team

Sharpen your trial skills; compete with your peers nation-wide:

  • build public speaking, teamwork, and trial skills experience
  • practice civil and criminal case preparation
  • represent your school on a national level


Moot Court

Get hands-on trial experience:

  • improve your written and oral advocacy skills
  • prepare legal briefs 
  • represent your school on a national level 


International Law Society

Join our chapter of the International Law Students Association:

  • promote the study and understanding of international law
  • participate in conferences, academic lectures, and panels 


Legal Association of Women

Foster gender equality and diversity within the UMass Law community:

  • bring speakers to the law school to discuss issues concerning women in the law
  • participate in our annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk


Black Law Students Association

Raise cultural and social awareness, assist in producing successful productive lawyers and professionals, facilitate the creation of opportunities for minority and African-American groups:

  • get access to networking and internship opportunities 
  • attend job fairs and join legal forums 


Delta Theta Phi

Join our division of one of the leading professional law faternities in the world:


Asian Pacific American Law Students Association

Promote understanding of Asian Pacific American culture in the legal community.


Latino/a American Law Students Association (LALSA)

Explore issues affecting the Latino community and support diversity in the legal community.



OUTlaw is an organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning law students, as well as their allies and friends. 






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