Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association is an organization designed to meet the needs of all students who are attending UMass School of Law, so that they can fulfill their potential as leaders in the community and legal profession. BLSA is an organization available to all students at UMass School of Law and embraces all ethnicities and descents. You do not have to be black or a minority to be a part of BLSA.

Our goal and purpose is based on cultural and social awareness as well as assisting and producing successful productive lawyers and professionals and facilitating the creation of extra opportunity for the minority and African-American groups. This is an organization that can assist law students in their career goals, including increased networking in the legal profession, internship opportunities as well as introductions to multiple job fairs and legal forums.

Our mission also includes outreach to the community by creating and assisting in community-based programs. Students of BLSA promote unity within our law school as well as with Black Law Student Associations at other Law Schools. A membership with BLSA can provide students with a valuable experience that can assist them in the legal profession today and in the future.

Contact the Black Law Students Association at to request further information.



Sache Rockamore

Vice President

Aquaysha Parks


Phillip Ruthaweire


Jennifer Flemister


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