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Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the UMass Law student government, elected by and representing all law students. 

Let the SBA be your voice

The main function of the SBA is to represent the student body at the law school and provide a means of communication between the students, the ‌administration, and the university. The SBA recognizes, manages, and organizes student activities and groups, each reflecting the diverse and unique student body. The SBA determines the budget of each recognized law student group and ensures that the funds are spent properly. 

The SBA was founded to provide a responsive forum for varying student viewpoints and encourage accountability among the students, faculty, administration, alumni, and the university. Law students should feel free to contact their SBA representative or any Executive Board member with particular concerns, comments, or ideas which they feel will improve the law school and create a better learning environment. 


The SBA office is located on the lower level of the law school beside the lockers. Feel free to drop by anytime during the day or send the SBA an email if you need help with anything.


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