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UMass Law Review: Vol. 9 Issue 1 (Spring 2014)




A Promising Beginning
Jeremiah A. Ho
9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 2


Securitization of Student Loans: A Proposal to Reform Federal Accounting, Reduce Government Risk, and Introduce Market Mechanisms as Indicators of Quality Education
Robert Proudfoot
9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 6

Anaerobic Digestion as a Renewable Energy Source and Waste Management Technology: What Must be Done for This Technology to Realize Success in the United States?
Blake Anthony Klinkner
9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 68


Standardized Testing as Discrimination: A Reply to Dan Subotnik 
Richard Delgado
9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 98

Legal Conversation

Exporting the Legal Incubator: A Conversation with Fred Rooney
Fred Rooney & Justin Steele

9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 108


Resolving the Double Liability Problem
Terrence Nguyen
9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 136

Squatting: Lifting the Heavy Burden to Evict Unwanted Company
Shannon Dunn McCarthy
9 U. Mass. L. Rev. 156


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