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Student Health 101: Health & Wellness Magazine

Student Health 101 is an online health and wellness magazine for college and university students.

Student Health 101 contains valuable information to help students make the most of your time at UMass Dartmouth.  From reducing stress and succeeding in your classes to relationships and getting involved, Student Health 101 has it all.

A new edition of Student Health 101 is sent to UMass Dartmouth students monthly via email.

The most recent edition of Student Health 101 is always available online.  Parents and families are also welcome to read the Parent Perspective, a companion newsletter to Student Health 101.

Past issues of Student Health 101 from this academic year are archived below. For a complete archive (Sept. 2007-present), click here.


What’s Inside...

Summer 2012
SH 101-Summer 2012


The College Survival Guide issue has some great articles including:
  • Roomate Survival
  • Making New Friends
  • College Without the Mess
  • Fitness & Nutrition Tips





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