Red Watch Band Training

Toxic drinking is an epidemic on campuses all across America. It means consuming so much alcohol the drinker passes out. But while "sleeping it off," the victim may be quietly dying. When you come right down to it, it's a problem that only students can tackle. The Red Watch Band movement is designed to end alcohol overdose deaths by teaching students how to handle alcohol emergencies and summon professional help.

Join the Red Watch Band movement today!

Red Watch Band Training

Developed by Stony Brook University, Red Watch Band Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and intervene effectively in an alcohol-related medical emergency.

Red Watch Band Training is free to students.  Each session accomodates a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 students in order to promote dialogue and ensure a timely conclusion to the training.

Students who complete the training receive a certificate of completion and either a red watch (identical to the one pictured above) or a red silicone wristband. Graduates of the Red Watch Band program are asked to wear their watch or wristband to demonstrate that they are part of "a band of students who watch out for one another when every second counts."

QPR workshops can be arranged upon request for UMass Dartmouth-affiliated groups, including academic classes, athletic teams, student organizations, and residential communities.  Email or call (508.910.6965) us for more information.