University Marketing

We’re here to raise awareness of UMass Dartmouth with prospective students, our external and internal communities, alumni, and friends.

University Marketing is a central office that encompasses:

 Job request form

Use our job intake forms to request services from any one of our groups. Think of the intake form as a “conversation starter”—unless your request is routine, we’ll contact you to be sure we understand your request, and you understand our process.

Job request form

 Style guides

Wondering about correct use for UMass Dartmouth branding and messaging? Our style guides for publications and the web point you in the right direction and answer common questions.


Find the appropriate UMass Dartmouth and Corsair logos for your publication or website.

Business cards and letterhead

Business cards and letterhead in bulk are created from standard templates and printed by AlphaGraphics of New Bedford. 

For more information about ordering business cards and letterhead, please see Publications.

Email signature file

There are several steps which are critical in order for the  social media links to work propoerly, so please don't skip any steps or take any shortcuts. 
If you have any questions or troubles implementing this, contact web development. 
Instructions for implementing the University signature file in Zimbra email
1. Launch Zimbra or open a new tab or window in Zimbra
2. From the top navigation bar, select the Briefcase tab
3. Find the shared briefcase UMass Dartmouth email signature file
4. Select the file named "signature file" and click on edit in the nav bar directly above
5. Copy the entire contents of the file
6. From Zimbra's top navigation bar, select the Preferences tab
7. In the left navigation, expand the Mail menu item and select Signatures
8. Create a New Signature, and give it a distinct, intuitive name
9. Select "Format as HTML"  from the top right drop-down menu
10. Paste the text and images you copied in step 5 into the text field. 
11. Edit with your personal information. Do not re-format the text—fonts, sizes, colors and links are part of our university branding and consistency across campus is critical.  The best way to ensure you're not re-formatting is to place your cursor in the text, type in the new text then delete the placeholder text. 
12. Designate your new signature (the one with the distinct, intuitive name you gave it) as the Primary signature for New Messages and Replies & Forwards
13 Select the "Above included messages" radio button to insure your signature appears directly after your message and before any included messages (recommended)
14. In the left Preferences navigation, click the Mail icon on the left and check the radio button for display mail as html and the box for display pictures automatically in HTML
15. Save
16. Test by sending email to some colleagues and ask them to check the links before you start using!