Mobile Learning


Beginning Spring 2012, faculty who utilize the campus the supported iClicker system have the option to allow students to use web enabled version (web>clicker) with their cell phones, laptops or other web-enabled device instead of purchasing a clicker. Web>clicker is a mobile classroom response system that allows students to use their laptop or smartphone to vote in class alongside students using i>clicker remotes.

Additional information on web clicker or iclicker is available at:



Tablets and iPads

Teaching with the iPad Workshop
This workshop examines some of the popular Apps and tools on the iPad that have proven useful for instruction. The objective of this workshop is to provide a better understanding of where iPads fit into education as an instructional technology tool.

iPad Faculty Pilot

The Apple iPad is being offered on a pilot basis to the FILP program to explore the iPad and its potential to enhance teaching and learning both in-and-out of the classroom.

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Steve White, Professor of Marketing and Business, uses a variety of social media and mobile technologies, both in and outside of the classroom. “I encourage the use of laptops, cell phones and social media in all of my classes. For instance, with Twitter we used hashtags to discuss Superbowl ads during the game, as well as encouraging students to tweet during class,” states Dr. White. Read More