UMD Going Mobile

 UMassD Mobile  UMD Mobile
Keeping in touch with UMass Dartmouth is now easier with UMassD Mobile.

Everything you want to know about UMass Dartmouth—now at your fingertips:
  • News: the latest UMass Dartmouth news
  • Events: what’s happening at UMass Dartmouth
  • People: find a department, faculty member, or staff member
  • Locations: find a UMassD campus
  • Athletics: the latest Corsairs sports news and scores
  • Courses: browse upcoming course offerings
  • Library: find what you need at the Claire T. Carney Library
  • Jobs: student jobs as well as faculty and staff positions
  • Alerts: get any active campus emergency alerts, weather closures, etc.
  • Feedback: tell us what else you'd like to see

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 WiMAX equipment being installed on the campanile, late fall 2010 


WiMAX is a wireless broadband technology that provides performance similar to Wi-Fi networks and is sometimes referred to as "Wi-Fi on steroids." WiMAX is an acronym for "Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access." WiMAX can be used for a number of applications most commonly for Internet connectivity, security applications, hotspots, etc. Read More

 myAlert Logo 


myAlert is a notification system designed to immediately deliver emergency information to students, faculty, and staff via multiple methods including mobile phone text and voice messaging. Types of notifications include:

  • Weather related closings, delays
  • Environmental or violent crime emergencies that significantly disrupt daily activities or pose an immediate threat to health and safety

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 (Coming Spring 2012)

UMassD Portal

Computer and Information Technology Services is planning to launch a new web portal application that will allow students, faculty and staff to design their own UMD web profile. So, every time you sign on to your computer, the information you need and want most -- like your course syllabi, Corsair scores, events, and more -- will appear on your screen.

 VCL icon 

Virtual Computer Lab (VCL)

The VCL allows UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff and students access to University licensed software from their university supplied or personal computer at any time/any place with an Internet connection via a Remote Desktop client.

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