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Full-time Faculty and Staff

James A. Fain, PhD, RN, BC-ADM, FAAN
Professor and Dean

Robin Couto
Administrative Asst. to the Dean
Dion 202  x8586

Barbara Santos
Clerk IV RN-BSN Online
Dion 202  x8591

Bruce Glazer
Lab Director
Dion 203  x8593


Adult and Child NursingRoomExt.
Barbara Weatherford, PhD, RN, Assistant Professor and CHAIR Trailer 5, Rm#4 6290
Cheryl Cabral, Administrative Asst. Dion 201 8577
Full-time Faculty    
Debbie Armstrong, MS, RN Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 318-E 9245
Marilyn Asselin, PhD, RN-BC Associate Professor, Adult Nursing Textile-017 8749
Marianne P. Barba, MSN, RN Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion-324-F 9172
Elizabeth Chin, MS, RN, ANP-C, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Trailer 5 Rm #1 8687
Kathleen Elliott, RN,MSN, ANP-C, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 324-F 8589
Kerry Fater, PhD, RN, CNE Assoc. Professor, Adult Nursing and MS Program Director Dion 308-C 8525
Marva V. Foster, MSN, RN Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 318-E 6645
Susan Hunter Revell, PhD, RN, Asst. Professor, Adult Nursing Dion 202-B 8507
Rayna Letourneau, MS, RN, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 308-F 8581
Mary McCurry, PhD, RNC, ANP, ACNP, Asst. Prof., Adult Nursing and DNP Program Director Dion 318-B 6092
Kiley Medeiros, MSN, RN, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 308-E 6447
Teresa Reynolds, MS, RN, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 308-E 8504
Margaret Rudd-Arieta, MS, RN, C, PNP, Lecturer, Child Nursing Dion 319-A 8861
Kristen Sethares, PhD, RN, CNE, Assoc. Prof., Adult Nursing and PhD Program Director Dion 308-B 9148
Mary Elizabeth Sosa, MSN, RN, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Trailer 5, Rm #3 8398
Jennifer Viveiros, MS, RN, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 308-F 6445
Ashley Wilkinson, MS, RN, CPNP-PC, Lecturer, Adult Nursing Dion 319-A 8503


Community NursingRoomExt.
Full-time Faculty    
Ruth Griffin, RN, DNSc, Assistant Professor and CHAIR Dion 201-C 6533
Francine Gilbert, Clerk IV Dion 201/ Textile-012 8159
Debbie Hawkins, MS, APRN BC, Director, RN to BS Track Option Dion 202-A 6519
Lori Keough, PhD, M.ED, APRN-BC Assistant Prof, Community Health Trailer 5, Rm #5 8764
Caitlin Stover, PhD, RN, Asst. Professor, Community Health Dion 201-C 8582
Maria Vazquez, MS, RN Lecturer, Community Health Dion 318-D 6511
Paula Walsh, MSN, RN, Lecturer, Community Health Dion 201-A  8583


Graduate NursingRoomExt.
Victoria Vital, Administrative Assistant Textile-012 6487







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