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James Fain, PhD, BC-ADM, FAAN

Photo of Dean James FainDean, Professor of Adult and Child Nursing


PhD, University of Connecticut School of Education, Storrs, CT
MSN, University of Alabama School of Nursing, Birmingham, AL
BSN, University of Rhode Island College of Nursing, Kingston, RI

Research Interests

  • Diabetes care and education
  • Psychometric evaluation of instruments
  • Risk reduction activities in type 2 diabetes
  • Quantitative methodologies/multivariate analyses

Selected Publications

Asselin, M.E. & Fain, J.A. (2013).
Effect of reflective practice education on self-reflection, insight, and reflective thinking among experienced nurses. 
Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 29(3), 111 – 119.

Fain, J.A., Asselin, M. & McCurry, M. (2008).  
DNP:  Why not?  Nursing Management, 39(7), 34 – 37. 
Invited to submit for peer review.

Fain, J.A. (2008).
Management of the client with diabetes.In J.M. Black & J.H. Hawks (Eds) Medical- Surgical Nursing: Clinical management for positive outcomes (8th ed.), Philadelphia, PA: W.B. Saunders.

Fain, J.A. (2007).
Psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the diabetes self-management assessment report tool (D-SMART).
Diabetes Educ, 33(5), 827-832.

Miller, D., Fain, J.A. (2006).
Educational considerations for people with diabetes.
Nursing Clinics of North America, 41(4), 655-666.

Fain, J.A., Miller D. (2006). 
Pharmacologic interventions for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Nursing Clinics of North America, 41(4), 589-604.

Jurgens, C.Y., Fain, J.A., & Riegel, B. (2006).
Psychometric testing of the heart failure somatic awareness scale.
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing , 21 (2), 95-102.

Fain, J.A. (2005). 
Does your patient know what insulin he's taking? LPN2005, 1 (1), 5-7.

Fain, J.A. (2004).
Blood glucose meters: Different strokes for different folks. 
Nursing2004, 34 (11), 48-51.

Fain, J.A. (2003).
Importance of Research. In M.J. Franz (Ed). Diabetes in the Lifecycle and Research: A Core Curriculum for Diabetes Educators (5th ed.), (pp. 247-270).Chicago, IL: American Association of Diabetes Educator.





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