Kerry Fater, PhD, RN, CNE

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PhD in Education, Curriculum and Instructiion, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
MS University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
BSN Villanova University, Villanova, PA

Research Interests

  • Curriculum development
  • Program planning
  • Competency development
  • Phenomenology
  • Nursing Education Research
  • Transitioning New Graduates

Selected Publications

Fater, K. (2014)
Introducing Genomics to Novice Nursing Students
Journal of Nursing  Education. Supplement September 53 (9), S119-S120. Peer-reviewed

Fater, K., Weatherford, B., Ready, R., Finn, K., & Tangney, B. (2014)
Expanding the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies across the Academic/Practice Transition: A Pilot Study.
Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 45(8), 366-37. Peer-reviewed

Lusk, J., & Fater, K. (2013). 
A concept analysis of patient-centered care
Nursing Forum48 (2), 89-98

Fater, K. (2013). 
Gap analysis: A method to assess core competency development in the curriculum
ursing Education Perspectives34 (2), 101-105 

Lusk, J. & Fater, K. (2013).  
Post simulation debriefing to maximize clinical judgment development 
Nurse Educator, Jan/Feb Issue 2013 - 38 (1), 16-19

Ready, R., Fater, K., Conley, C., Rebello. L., & Cordeira. S. (August 2012). 
The transition of newly licensed nurses into the workforce: Implementing a designated transition unit in a community hospital healthcare system
Nurse Leader

Fater, K., & Ready, R. (2011)
An education-service partnership to achieve safety and quality improvement competencies.  
Journal of Nursing Education50, 693-696.  doi: 10.3928/01484834-20110916-02 

Fater, K. (2010)
Developing empathy among novice millennial nursing students. 
Journal of Nursing Education, 49(4), 238-239. doi: 10.3928/01484834-20100323-05        

Fater, K. (2007)
Enhancing beginning students' perceptions of nursing utilizing a Healthy People 2010 group project  
Journal of Nursing Education42 (2), 96

Fater, K & Mullaney, J. (2000)
The lived experience of adult male survivors who allege childhood sexual abuse by clergy
Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 21, 281-295