Kristen Sethares, PhD, CNE

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PhD, Boston College School of Nursing, Chestnut Hill, MA
MSN, University of Massachusetts Boston, School of Nursing, Boston, MA
BSN, Southeastern Massachusetts University, College of Nursing, Dartmouth, MA 

Research Interests

  • Chronic cardiac illness
  • Symptom management
  • Self-care
  • Quantitative research methods
  • Using technology to manage chronic illness

Selected Publications

Peer reviewed journal articles

Sethares, K.A., Chin, E., & Jurgens, C.Y. (2015).
Predictors of delay in heart failure patients and consequences for outcomes.
Current Heart Failure Reports, 12, 94-105. Doi 10.1007/s11897-014-0241-5.

DaSilva, P., Fortier, P. J. & Sethares, K.A. (2015).
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Sensors and Transducers, 184 (1), 92-100.

Sethares, K.A., Flimlin, H.E., & Elliott, K.M. (2014).
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Home Healthcare Nurse, 32(8), 1-7.

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Appreciating a discipline specific perspective in undergraduate education: Newman’s Health as Expanding Consciousness.
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Sethares, K.A., Sosa, M.B. & Riegel, B. (2014).  
Factors associated with delay in seeking care for acute decompensated heart failure.
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 29(5), 429-438.

Bruno, A. & Sethares, K.A. (in press)
Definitions, measurement and interventions for fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease: An integrative review.
Journal of Neuroscience Nursing.

Foster, M.V. & Sethares, K.A. (2014)
Facilitators and Barriers to the Implementation of Telehealth in Older Adults: An Integrative Review.
Computers, Informatics and Nursing.

Sethares, K.A., Chin, E., & Jurgens, C.Y. (2014)
Predictors of delay for heart failure patients and consequences for outcomes.
Current Heart Failure Reports. Invited paper. 

Sethares, K., Chin, E., & Costa, I. (2013).
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Is guided imagery effective in reducing pain and anxiety in the post-operative total joint replacement patient?
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An investigation of the effects of pre-operative patient education on understanding postoperative expectations following a total joint arthroplasty.
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Book Chapters

Sethares, K. A., Seifert, P., & Smith, H. (2008).
Care of patients undergoing cardiac surgery (Ch.65) in Moser, D. and Riegel, B. (eds). 
Cardiac Nursing: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease. St. Louis: W.B. Saunders

Sethares, K.A.  & Gramling, K.L. (2014).
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Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.