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Nancy Dluhy, PhD, RN

Chancellor Professor, Adult and Child Nursing

Photo of Nancy DluhyEducation

PhD, University of Rhode Island College of Nursing, Kingston, RI
MS, University of Rhode Island College of Nursing, Kingston, RI
BSN University of Delaware, College of Nursing, Newark, DE

Research Interests

  • Chronic illness management
  • Theory development
  • Nursing discipline (theory-research-practice)
  • Clinical decision-making

Selected Publications

Dluhy, NM, Christopher, K., Gramling, K., Leffers, J., Russell, G., & Sethares, K. (2007). 
Embedded, engaged, and evolving:  A consortium of nurse scholars and clinicians.
Nursing Outlook, 55(2), 79-84.

Dluhy, NM. (2007).
Mapping knowledge of chronic illness related to symptom management and depression.
In Sr. C. Roy & D. Jones (Eds).
Nursing knowledge and development and clinical practice.
New York, NY: Springer (pp 295-305).

O’Neill, E., Dluhy , NM, Hansen, A., Ryan, J. (2006).
Coupling the N-CODES system with actual nurse decision-making.
CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 24(1), 28-34.

O’Neill, E., Dluhy , NM, & Chin, E. (2005).
Modeling novice nurse clinical decision-making. 
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 49(1), 68-77.

O’Neill, ES., Dluhy, NM, Fortier, P. & Michel, H. (2004).
The N-Codes Project: The first year.
CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 22(6), 345-350.

O’Neill, E, & Dluhy, NM (May, 2004).
Knowledge acquisition, synthesis and validation: A model for decision support systems.
Journal of Advanced Nursing, 47(2), 134-142.