BS Nursing Program

Sim Lab video

Simulation Model Demonstration Video introduces you to our computerized Sim Model. Students recreate and practice with various hospital scenarios in this enhanced clinical simulation experience. 

Our curriculum provides a seamless progression from student to practicing nurse. In your first year, you'll experience your first nursing course and build a strong core of knowledge in select science courses.

Before you go into the field, our modern nursing lab gives you the tools and equipment you’ll need to assess patients, interact with colleagues, and utilize complex care management software.

Years two and three feature clinical, ‘in-the-field’ placements at partner sites throughout the region including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities.

During the final year, you’ll be paired with a registered nurse. This partnership allows you to provide real care to real patients, and your mentor will be by your side for advice and encouragement.

As an incoming student, you’ll be assigned a faculty advisor that works with you through the entire program and understands your career goals. Each class also has a faculty advisor, and your classmates will meet regularly as a group to share your clinical experiences.

It all adds up to a nationally recognized, competitive program that is accredited by: 
Commission on College Nursing Education
One DuPont Circle, NW
Suite 530
Washington, DC 20036

And is recommended by the American Nurses Association.

During the last several years, the faculty in the College of Nursing has revised its BS program of studies. The purpose of the revision is to provide students with the most current perspectives on the discipline of nursing based upon values, skills, and competencies essential for nursing practice in the 21st century.

Student Resources

The Undergraduate Student Nursing Handbook is the resource for the following:

Important BS Program Documents

Student Health Information for Clinicals

Student Health Information for Clinicals

 Massachusetts Clinical Orientation Forms

For more information about the College of Nursing's Undergraduate Program, please consult Admissions.