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Award Winners and Projects

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OFD Innovation In Teaching Award Winners – AY 10-11

Shuowei Cai, Chemistry

Kathleen Elliott, Nursing

John Fobanjong, Political Sciences

Harvey Hou, Chemistry

Sivappa Rasapalli, Chemistry

Kristen Sethares, Nursing

Yuzhu Li and Zhengzhong Shi, Decision & Information Sciences

Zhengzhong Shi, Decision & Information Sciences

Brian Sweeney, English

Vinod Vokkarane, Computer and Information Science


2011 Summer Research Fellowships for Mid-Career Faculty

Alma Davenport, Fine Art

Maolin Guo, Chemistry

Susan Krumholz, Crime and Justice Studies

William Nelles, English

Avery Plaw, Political Science

Robin Robinson, Sociology

Kristen Sethares, Nursing

Brian Williams, History

Yuegang Zuo, Chemistry

OFD Innovation In Teaching Award Winners – AY 09-10

Paul Capaldo , Biology

Eilleen Carreiro , Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Anna M. Klobucka , Portuguese

Lisa Knauer , Sociology / Anthropology

Alan Hirshfield  , Physics

Guillermo Paz-y-Mino , Biology

Shouhong Wang , Decision & Information Sciences

Jia Wu , Accounting and Finance


Undergraduate Research Award Winners - AY 09-10


Robert Darst & Tara Rajaniemi , Political Sciene/Biology

Dana Fine, Mathematics

Harvey Hou, Chemistry

Sandredin Moosavi , STEM

William Nelles , English

Guillermo Paz-y-Mino , Biology

Avery Plaw, Political Science

Elizabeth Richardson, Psychology

Marguerite Zarrillo, Physics

Yuegang Zuo , Chemistry