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 Professional Portfolio

In their final semester, students present a professional portfolio of their works for review and approval by a faculty committee. Students should begin building their portfolios upon matriculation into the MPP.

The typical professional portfolio includes a range of materials such as:

  • research papers written for courses taken in the program
  • policy white papers written for courses taken in the program
  • work products, consultant reports, or other written analysis prepared as a research assistant or research associate at the Center for Policy Analysis
  • research papers or other products from the course in Applied Policy Research
  • documentation of other professional or scholarly achievements over the course of their enrollment in the MPP
  • newspaper clippings about the individual's achievements, public service, and awards published articles in trade magazines or newspapers
  • professional certifications, licenses, and other evidence of professional development
  • evidence of presentations or attendance at meetings of relevant professional associations
  • letters of commendation and letters of recommendation from supervisors or others in a position to evaluate the individual's academic and work performance, other items of importance as determined by the student

Students will present their portfolio to a faculty committee and discuss how it represents their learning in the program and its potential impact on their future careers. The portfolio will be reviewed and evaluated by the Faculty Committee to ensure that it meets and reflects the overall educational objectives of the MPP and provides a platform for seeking employment or advancement in the broad area of public policy.

No student will graduate from the program without a portfolio approved by the faculty committee.

Fully online MPP students should develop their professional portfolio as they progress through their course work. The portfolio will be shared electronically with the Faculty Committee online and the presentation of the portfolio will take place using UMass Dartmouth's live classroom.


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