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 Success by Degrees Program

A Community College Transfer Scholarship
through Professional & Continuing Education at UMass Dartmouth

The higher your level of education, the more your career opportunities will grow. Consider completing your 4-year degree at UMass Dartmouth. Take advantage of the Success by Degrees program.

UMass Dartmouth Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) will award qualified Massachusetts community college graduates a scholarship equal to a 33% tuition waiver for each course taken to complete a bachelor's degree through UMass Dartmouth PCE.

Full-time or part-time PCE students are able to take on campus, online, blended, and weekend courses year-round during fall, winter, spring, and summer sessions.

To qualify for the Success by Degrees program, students must:

  • Obtain an associate's degree from a community college in Massachusetts
  • Graduate from their community college with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Complete and submit a UMass Dartmouth PCE degree application within one year of graduating from community college

Once matriculated, qualified students will be eligible for the Success by Degrees program for four years as long as a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 is maintained at UMass Dartmouth.

Available Programs:

  • Accounting, BS
  • Crime and Justice Studies, BA
  • General Business Administration, BS
  • History, BA
  • Liberal Arts, BA
  • Med Lab Science Health Services Option, BS
  • Nursing RN-BS, BS
  • Psychology, BA
  • Sociology, BA

Click here to apply to UMass Dartmouth Professional & Continuing Education. Upon receipt of degree application and official transcripts, PCE will review each applicant's eligibility for the Success by Degrees scholarship. It is NOT necessary for Success by Degree applicants to send a high school transcript.

For more information, contact a PCE Admissions Coordinator at 508.999.9202.

* Scholarship eligibility limited to undergraduate Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) students only. Tuition savings do not reflect associated fees.