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 Political Science

Political Science Concentration (PSC)

The Political Science concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of political institutions and processes in a global community. The program examines the impact of government upon the life of the individual and of individual citizens upon government.

Political Science Curriculum 

  • Two pre-requisite 100-level courses chosen from:
  • PSC 101 (American)
  • 151 (Comparative)
  • 161 (International Relations)
  • 171 (Introduction to Theory)
  •  Three 300-level or higher courses from at least two of the following 4 subfield areas:
  • American/Policy
  • Comparative
  • International Relations
  • Theory

Courses are identified by the subfield area they fit into based on the course schedule.

Note: Many concentration courses have pre-requisite courses. It is the student’s responsibility to complete these courses. It is strongly recommended that you take courses in the listed sequence.