3M Thesis Competition Highlights

2015 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

On April 30, six finalist competed in the third annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition. Four students took home the top prizes. 

$1,000 First place winner
Shravani Kakarla
Bio-production of ethanol via co-culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Ralstonia eutropha
Advisor: Christopher Brigham

$500 Second place winner
Nicholas Phillips
Growing bacteria to make bio-plastics 
Advisor: Christopher Brigham

$250 Third place winner
Kiley Alpaugh
The impact of therapy dogs on college students’ stress levels
Advisor: Elizabeth Richardson

$250 Audience Choice winner
Johanna Uribe
In vitro model of heart disease

‌2014 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

2014 winner of the 3 minute thesis competition sponsored by OUR

Anna-ae LeClaire

Healthcare Professionals' Perceptions of Older Adult Care in Emergency Settings

Advisors: Andrew Revell & Kathleen Elliot
$1000 First Place Winner

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2nd place finisher of the 2014 3 minute thesis competition sponsored by OUR

Dana Weinberg

A Solar Solution

$500 Second Place Winner

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3rd place finisher of the 2014 3 minute thesis competition sponsored by OUR

Brittney David

The Role of Language in Emotion Perception

Advisor: Jennifer Fugate
$250 Third Place Winner

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3rd place and audience favorite winner of the 2014 3 minute thesis competition sponsored by OUR

Nicholas Macedo

Zebrafish as a Model for Studying Regenerative Therapeutics

Advisor: Tiffany Ferriera
$250 Third Place Winner
$250 Audience Choice Winner

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2013 Undergraduate Three Minute Thesis Competition

On April 25, students presented their research topics and vied for prize money in the second annual Undergraduate 3-Minute Thesis Competition. Winners provided compelling and detailed descriptions and explanations of their undergraduate research within the 3-minute allotment.

2013 3-Minute Thesis Competition winners

$1000 First place winner

Cassia Gordon

“Exploring The Continuum of Gender Through Self-Identification”

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Robin Robinson, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

$500 Second place winner

Lauren Papa

“Occupational Prestige and SES in Relation to Cognitive Performance”

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Andrew Revell, Department of Psychology

$250 Third place and $250 Audience Favorite Award winner

Eben Crawford

“Zebra Fish and Implanted Biomaterials”

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Tracie Ferreira, Department of Bioengineering

2013 Panel of Judges:

  • Ramprasad Balasubramanian,  Interim Associate Dean of Engineering, Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science
  • Catherine Gardner,  Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies
  • José-Domingo Mora, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing, Charlton College of Business
  • Keith Resendes,  UMass Dartmouth alum, class of 2012- Mathematics
  • Wendy Skinner, Interim Assistant Chancellor of Advancement
  • Steve Urbon,  News columnist, New Bedford Standard Times

April 20, 2012

Undergraduate Research Day Results

UMass Dartmouth students took home $2250 in prizes at the first ever Celebration of Undergraduate Research, held in the Main Auditorium on April 19, 2012. Students from diverse areas of study successfully presented their research before an audience of peers, professors, parents, and judges.

Kevin Jumper's presentation titled Exploding stars: cosmic forges and candles, was awarded the top $1000 prize.

Stacey Miner's  presentation on Parents' perceptions of their adolescent children's experiences with violence compared to adolescents’ self-reports of experiences with violence took the second place prize of $500, while Chris DiFranco's presentation titled Chemical and electrical resistance of conducting polymers took third place and the $250 prize.

Panel of judges

  • Lou Petrovic, Director of the Advanced Technology Manufacturing Center, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development
  • Steve Urbon, journalist for the New Bedford Standard Times
  • Isabel Rodrigues, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Cynthia Ladino, full time lecturer, Biology
  • Laura Jean Champagne, former biology student, now graduate student in education
  • Andrew Davey, Physics undergraduate
  • Jill Mercik, Engineering undergraduate
  • Sidafa Conde, Business undergraduate

April 20, 2012

Timothy Boardman wins research award

Biology senior Timothy Boardman, has been honored with the American Association of Immunologist Undergraduate Research Excellence Award. In addition, Timothy has been accpeted to the UMass Medical School.

"The research helped me 100% with my med school application," said Timothy, whose research focused on kidney blood flow and its relationship to lymphocyte distribution in rainbow trout.

Through his research, Timothy was able to characterize the immune cell distribution in the kidney of a trout.

April 20, 2012

Kevin Jumper receives APS award

The American Physical Society's award for the best undergrduate presentation was awarded to Kevin Jumper who is also the recipient of the $1000 first place prize for presenting his research on exploding stars at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research on April 19.