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Digest: Volume 1, Issue 5
September 2012

 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

11th Anniversary
National Day of Service & Remembrance
Saturday, September 8, 2012 1-4pm
Peace Pole Dedication 1:30pm
Share the Harvest - YMCA Dartmouth

The Leduc Center for Civic Engagement at UMass Dartmouth in collaboration with SouthCoast Serves will host the annual 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance at the YMCA, Gulf Rd., Dartmouth MA. This year, as part of an interfaith call to service, highlights of the day will include the opportunity to help harvest produce for our local food pantries, participate in a Peace Pole planting ceremony, make cards for our troops and browse a community service fair. Transportation is provided to and from campus.  

To register for the event or for more information contact: Rupali Singh at rsingh2@umassd.edu or stop by the UMass Dartmouth Leduc Center for Civic Engagement LARTS 023.

About The 9/11 Day Observance: Created to support the federally established and recognized September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance, the observance is organized and lead by the 9/11 nonprofit organization MyGoodDeed Inc. The mission of the event is to inspire millions of people to annually pay tribute on the anniversary of 9/11 by voluntarily pledging to perform good deeds, support charitable causes, volunteer and engage in other acts of compassion - honoring the 9/11 victims and survivors, as well as all those that rose in service in response to the attacks, including first responders, recovery workers, volunteers, public safety personnel, and members of the military, and all of their families.

About Share the Harvest: Hunger and nutrition are serious issues in Massachusetts. According to an alarming study by Project Bread, the prevalence of hunger in the state has increased by more than 50% in low income communities. Communities we serve are listed among cities with the highest concentrations of hunger in Massachusetts, where one child in three lives in a family unable to meet its basic need for food resulting in "food insecurity." The Sharing the Harvest YMCA Community Farm Project is a grassroots effort to alleviate hunger at the local level. The community farm at the Dartmouth YMCA was created for the express purpose of producing fresh and nutritious local fruits and vegetables for distribution by the Hunger Commission. Volunteers are needed to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops.

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  Chancellor Grossman's Community Service Tour

editor's note: On Tuesday August 14th Chancellor Grossman joined a group of students, faculty and staff on a "Community Service" tour of the region organized by the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement and various community partners. Although we would have liked to stop at all our partner sites, time constraints limited our visits to: Share the Harvest YMCA Dartmouth, Community Economic Development Center of Southeastern MA, New Bedford Whaling Historic Park, Fall River Boys and Girls Club, SouthCoastal Counties Legal Services, The Trustees of Reservation and People Inc. Thanks to all who participated and made the day a wonderful experience for all. We look forward to future tours. Below are reflections from two UMass Dartmouth Participants.  The Fall River Herald News was also in attendance.  To read their article on the Tour, please click here.

Student Reflections

by Deb Dorcelus, UMass Dartmouth Junior, Medical Lab Science 
.... I never knew the extent nor understood Umass Dartmouth's involvement in these communities until this tour. Growing up I was always told that every one of us has the power to build the future they wish to see. And so, to see Umass Dartmouth building up communities, creating a better future, and changing the lives of the students who are getting involved was refreshing. As the tour went on, there was a growing theme amongst the student volunteers that by volunteering they were able to not only find their belonging but find a career in which they had experience in. It was at that moment I finally understood this bridge that Civic Engagement has created between service and education. It is one thing to be taught something and another to experience it . To see my fellow peers finding themselves through community service and using what they have been taught at Umass Dartmouth to help others served as a validation to me that it's worth my time getting involved in community service. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that "People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built". To me that is exactly the by product that Civic Engagement gives off to these communities- individuals who have built up their character "honestly" and "courageously", that have an education and intend on continuing the cycle. 

by Hugh Dunn, UMass Dartmouth Law student
... The tour offered a glimpse of the great partnerships that UMass Dartmouth has created in the region. The Leduc Center for Civic Engagement has reached out to the community and created a synergy that is enabling a steadily developing South Coast. As I saw my peers putting their education to use improving our communities, I realized that UMass is a truly unique institution. UMass is unique because it not only "talks the talk," but more importantly UMass "walks the walk" when it comes to service-learning. 

All too often we wait for calamity to remind us that much can be accomplished merely by working together. Observing our current partnerships and the Chancellor's keen interest in working with the community allowed me to be certain that the Chancellor actively pursues the call to public service. I am honored to be a student at an institution that recognizes the importance of using higher education as an engine for social justice and community development

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2012-2013 Service-Learning Faculty Fellows 

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows are teachers and scholars who are committed to the development of an academic community knowledgeable in service-learning pedagogies as well as community-based assets and needs. They strive to foster the integration of service-learning into our curriculum to provide students with a more involved education.

Applications were received last Spring and the newest cohort of Service-Learning Faculty Fellows are:

  • David Chapman, College of Visual & Performing Arts, Design
  • Justine Dunlap, School of Law
  • Kathryn Kavanaugh, College of Arts & Sciences, Biology 
  • Kellyann Kowalski, Charlton College of Business, Management/Marketing
  • Mark Paige, SEPPCE, Educational Leadership
  • John Quinn, School of Law

Congratulations to these faculty! If you are interested in the Service-Learning Faculty Fellowship program, please click here.

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Welcome New Endeavor Scholarship Recipients!

The Endeavor Scholars program is UMass Dartmouth's most prestigious endowed scholarship program. The award is a four-year merit scholarship for new first-year students that pays for tuition, mandatory fees, room and board. The award is for a total of up to eight semesters and is renewable each year as long as the recipients meet academic, leadership, and service requirements. The program is a result of a generous gift from an anonymous donor. 

Endeavor scholars are outstanding students who:

  • Understand that leadership is not innate, but fostered
  • Believe that women and minorities own a place at the table for change
  • Appreciate that hard work and scholarship are required for success
  • Embrace the idea that students can change the world through service
  • Are committed to sharing their skills and knowledge with the wider community and world

The Leduc Center for Civic Engagement welcomes and congratulates the 2016 Class of Endeavors Scholars!

Melissa Burdick, Whitinsville, MA

Rhesa Cumberbatch, Randolph, MA

Thomas Gaughan, Mansfield, MA

Tatiana Gonzalez, Raynham, MA

Uyioghosa Idahor, Hyde Park, MA

Sharon Kumar, Burlington, MA

Sharah Lavalette, Wallingford, CT

Jacob Miller, Fairhaven, MA

Alyssa Nastri, Marstons Mills, MA

Francis Ndicu, Lowell, MA


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