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Information for the Community

The Leduc Center for Civic Engagement at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth works closely with surrounding communities to meet the learning goals and civic engagement outcomes of the University’s educational mission.  The Leduc Center partners with community non-profits; public, private, and charter schools; local businesses; and local government agencies to provide civic engagement opportunities each year that are suited to varying interests of students, faculty, and staff.

The mission of the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement is to enrich the lives of our community, both on campus and locally, as well as provide UMass Dartmouth students with a superior educational experience.  Community organizations are fundamental to our mission. 

The relationships the Leduc Center forges with community organizations are mutually beneficial, reinforcing students’ educational experience through community service while addressing social challenges and issues within the community.  Their academic and personal development is key to the reason they are involved in a community organization.

In partnering with the Leduc Center, community organizations benefit from the Leduc Center’s access to the University’s intellectual and human capital resources.  We are able to connect organizations to students for volunteer opportunities, internships, or student jobs and faculty for community-based research or service-learning opportunities.

Working with Students

  • Volunteer opportunities are posted and accessible to the entire UMass Dartmouth student body.  These students are free to serve where and in any manner they choose.  Their limitations are their own interest, time constraints, and the organization’s volunteer requirements.
  • Service-learning students are required to serve as a part of their course.  Their community interactions are closely tied to their academics.  Their limitations are similar to those of student volunteers, with the one key difference being that the service may not necessarily be one of their own interests, but rather a requirement. 
  • Community organizations also have the opportunity to post listings for internships and jobs through Career Services.  If a community organization is looking to hire student workers with Federal Work Study funds, a representative must speak to Colleen Wetterland of the Career Development Center for further details. 

Please contact us to discuss your projects and needs so we can provide student volunteers to help your organization.

Working with Faculty

  • Community-based research projects are time-intensive processes for the faculty member involved, but can result in productive relationships where the needs of the community organization are paired with the interests of the faculty member.  They provide clear benefits to all involved. 
  • When faculty have their students involved, students develop a better understand of the relationship between service and the academic curriculum and are better prepared to be engaged citizens in the community, providing value to both themselves and their local community.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can help find the best faculty member suited to your needs.

Working with Community Organizations

Community organizations may also have a need to connect with other organizations that share similar goals, interests, or ideas on volunteerism, service, literacy, and engagement.  They may also need guidance on resources and funding.  The following are some organizations and resources that may be useful.



SouthCoast Serves is a University of Massachusetts Dartmouth facilitated collaborative that fosters service and volunteerism to meet the needs of our community by leveraging resources, expertise and capacity to maximize impact.





Massachusetts Service Alliance promotes and supports service and volunteerism by investing public and private resources in community-based organizations that rely upon volunteers and people engaged in service to meet their community's needs.



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Learn & Serve America supports service-learning in schools, higher education institutions and community organizations across the country through grants, training and technical assistance, research and program models, and recognition of outstanding youth service.



For additional information or any questions, please email cce@umassd.edu or call 508.999.8144.


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