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It is important to highlight measurable results and illustrate the progress we have made in the communities we have
served not only by the numbers or statistics, but also some intangibles that are equally as important. Some examples

  • Collected over 2,000 pounds of food for the Morton and Talbot food pantries.
  • Received $500 grant from Get Ur Good On and $1,000 grant from State Farm to purchase food and supplies for the two food pantries.


  • Keith and Normandin held a drive and got 100 books, stuffed animals, and articles of clothing donated to Gifts to Give.
  • MLK Day at Gifts to Give sorting through books, toys, and clothes to put together packets for families in need. Worked with 200 other volunteers to make enough packets for over 200 families.
  • Surveyed residents at a homeless shelter and transformed surveys into stories by NBHS students that was filmed and will become a Public Service Announcement.
  • Over $500 was donated by Partners of a Healthier Fall River to start community gardens with 6 beds between the Talbot and Kuss Middle Schools.
  • More than $200 in private donations from teachers were used to purchase plants for Peace Works Gardens.
  • A biology teacher switched lesson plans to teach Sustainability and gardening in detail thanks to NBHS LEADS students.
  • About 300 seeds and 200 seedlings were planted including flowers (Marigolds, Petunias, Tulips), herbs (Mint, Cilantro, Thyme), and veggies (onions, peppers, radish).
  • In-kind donations from Office Max to copy 200 bookmarks on sustainability, $25 gift card from Lowe’s for flowers, 200 bags from Shaw’s to collect food, $25 in food from Stop & Shop, and a case of 24 bird houses from Home Depot.
  • We made 25 no-sew pillows to be donated to Harbor House Family Shelter, 24 bird houses donated to each school and UMD, and 56 cards that will be shared with kids at a local children’s homeless shelter at Cards for Kids during our LEADS summit.

student poster

  • Talbot, Morton, and Kuss Middle Schools were personally invited by Governor Patrick to participate in the end of year corps event at Fenway Park to present the impact that the students have had in their community with the pantries and hunger banquet.
  • Finally, there are 38 partners we have made in the communities that have helped us financially, with their services, and with positive press this year.


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