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 Parking Regulations

This page includes information on the following parking topics:

Parking & Transportation Principles
Use of University Parking Facilities
Temporary Parking Permits
Parking Lots
Traffic and Parking Regulations
Parking Violations and Fines
Payment of Fines and Billing
Towing and Booting

Strict enforcement of the parking regulations will begin on the first day of classes each semester.


The following parking regulations are specific to the parking of motor vehicles at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth campus and lands associated with this campus by administration, faculty, staff, students, and visitors. These regulations are presented to ensure the safe and orderly movement about the campus by roadways and pedestrian walkways.

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As provided by Chapter 75, Section 32A, and Chapter 75 and 90 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth presents the following rules and regulations to guide the parking and traffic enforcement on our campus.

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Parking and Transportation Principles

It is the intent of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to provide parking enforcement and transportation services governed by principles for efficient and effective services to our community. The parking and transportation program should:

  • Support the University's mission
  • Provide affordable and efficient administration of parking and transportation programs
  • Provide safe and orderly parking and transportation systems that are reliable, available to all, and user friendly
  • Address issues of sustainability and concerns for the physical environment

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Use of University Parking Facilities

All persons parking vehicles on University property must obtain a parking permit in the form of a decal or other permit, or purchase a temporary parking pass to park. (The words "decal" and "permit" are used interchangeably in these regulations.) Faculty, staff, and students must park in areas designated by their respective permits or, as in the case of visitors, use designated visitor parking. All vehicles must be parked between white lines.

Vehicle Registration

All parking permits issued are the property of Parking Services and cannot be transferred or conveyed to anyone other than the registered holder. Parking permits will be issued by Parking Services and cannot be sold by anyone else. All vehicles shall be required to display an issued parking permit (decal or other permit) or a temporary parking pass. Any vehicles not displaying a parking permit or a pass shall be subject to citation. Expired permits must be removed from vehicles.


Vehicles owned by the Commonwealth, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth, the United States government, foreign diplomatic corps, foreign consular or a handicapped or disabled veteran shall be exempt from parking registration.

Parking Permit Holder Responsibilities

  • All members of the community must obtain a parking permit (decal or other permit) for each motor vehicle or motorcycle they operate on campus.
  • It is the responsibility of all individuals who operate or maintain vehicles on campus to be aware of and abide by the regulations expressed herein. The action of any individual operating a vehicle on campus is deemed to be conclusive evidence of his or her acceptance of and willingness to abide by these regulations.
  • Operation and parking of a motor vehicle on University property shall be solely at the driver's risk. The University is not responsible for any damage or loss to any vehicle.
  • The applicant and the vehicle must meet all legal requirements for operation within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the state in which the operator has permanent residency or where the vehicle is registered.

Applying for a Parking Decal

Parking decal information and link to the parking decal form

Costs associated with the decal will be charged to a credit or debit card only. MasterCard and Visa will be accepted. You will need your vehicle registration form and your driver's license to enter all the necessary information.

Requests for decals submitted online prior to August 15 will be mailed before the start of the fall semester. After August 15, all decals may be picked up at the Parking Services office. We urge you to complete your request for your decal to avoid long lines. Parking enforcement will begin the first day of classes.

To pick up your decal at the Parking Office, you must print the confirmation and present the confirmation with your UMass Pass (student/faculty/staff ID).

Lost, Stolen or Fraudulent Parking Decals

All lost or stolen decals must be reported to University Police and Parking Services immediately. Any vehicle with a stolen or fraudulent decal is subject to university sanctions which may include suspension or revocation of parking privileges.

Proper Display of Parking Decals and other Permits

  • proper placement of decalStudents, faculty, and staff of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth must affix the decal to the inside of the lower left driver's side of the windshield. Your decal must be displayed in the correct location to be valid.
  • Decals may not be taped or remain unsecured from the vehicle windshield.
  • If you are issued a hangtag permit, it must be placed on the windshield's rear-view mirror.
  • Decals and other permits are not transferable to other vehicles, and they must be displayed and permanently affixed on the vehicle to which they are registered. Each vehicle can display only one current decal or permit.
  • Visitors, vendors, contractors, and participants of conferences, seminars and workshops must hang their visitor passes from the rear-view mirror. These passes may be obtained from the Parking Services Office one week prior to your needs; contact the office at 508-999-8121 or by email.

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Temporary Parking Permits

If your vehicle is being repaired or you are using another vehicle that is not permitted, you will need to apply in person for a temporary parking permit. This may be obtained at the Parking Office and may be obtained up to one week prior to the date needed; contact the office at 508.999.8121 or parking@umassd.edu.

All temporary permits and hangtags must hang from the rear-view mirror of the windshield when it is parked. If your temporary permit is obstructed and cannot be viewed by Public Safety then it is considered null and void. Your temporary permit must be removed while the vehicle is in motion.

Residential Temporary Hangtags (Woodlands, East Campus, Cedar Dell)

Temporary tags for residential students may be obtained if the student has purchased a valid decal for a maximum of three days. These temporary tags have the same parking restrictions as a residential decal.

Commuter Temporary Hangtags

Temporary tags for commuter students may be obtained if the student has purchased a valid decal for a maximum of three days. These temporary tags have the same parking restrictions as a commuter decal.

Guest Temporary Hangtags

Residential students or their overnight guests may pick up a Guest temporary parking hangtag. These hangtags are only valid for lot 7A. Guests who are visiting for the day will be assigned to lot 5, Pre- Registered Visitor lot. The Resident Student or their guest will need to present the following information:

  • The guest's name
  • Make, model, and year of  the vehicle
  • Registration number and state

Commuter Overnight Parking

Commuter overnight parking is in lot 7A only along with overnight guest parking. A commuter needs to obtain an overnight hangtag at the Parking Office to avoid a ticket. Any commuter that does not have a valid commuter decal and overnight hangtag will be ticketed and responsible to pay the fine within the allotted 21 days.

Day or Weekly Pass Temporary Hangtags

This temporary hangtag is for any student who has not purchased a decal, but has a special circumstance that requires them to bring a car on campus for a limited time. These tags are valid in lots 7A for overnight and lot 5 for the day, only.

  • One-day pass: $2
  • Weekly pass: $12
  • Monthly pass: $50

Temporary Medical Condition Permits

If you have a temporary or permanent medical condition that limits your mobility, you can obtain a special parking permit, which will provide designated parking privileges for a stated period of time depending upon your medical problem. You will need to obtain documentation about your condition from your physician and refer to the Temporary Medical Condition Parking Policy. In addition, if your medical condition is expected to last more than 90 days, you should apply to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles for a temporary medical disability permit.

The Department of Public Safety adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles regarding the proper use and misuse of handicap plates and placards. For more information about handicap plates and placards and handicap veteran plates, visit the Registry of Motor Vehicles Handicap Plates and Placards Index.

Visitor/Public Parking

Park in visitor parking lot 5. Visitors to the campus will need to acquire a visitor tag from the Parking Services Office located in the Campus Center. This tag is to be attached to the rearview mirror.

Residential Student Guest

Overnight guest parking is only allowed in lot 7/A with proper temp hangtag. The student or guest may obtain a Guest Pass at the Parking Office with the following information of the vehicle being parked on campus: Make, Model, Year, Plate, #, State of Issue.  If you need further assistance please contact Parking Services.

Contractors and Vendors

All contractors and vendors must obtain parking permits from the Parking Services Office (508.999.8131 or parking@umassd.edu) and will be directed to specific locations for parking.

Parking Permit Fee Refunds

A full refund will occur up to the end of the official drop/add period established by Enrollment Services.

Refund Policy

In order to qualify for a refund, the actual decal must be scraped off. Bring all pieces to the Parking Office.

Refunds are issued as follows:

Refund requested duringRefund amount
1st week of classes 100%
2nd week of classes 75%
3rd week of classes 50%
4th week of classes 25%

There will be no refund after the 4th week of classes. Please allow 3-4 weeks processing time.

Refunds for December Graduates
Students completing their course of studies in December and graduating may obtain a refund for half the academic year by following these instructions:

  1. Remove decal from windshield
  2. Obtain a dated letter from the Registrar stating that you will be graduating
  3. Bring the decal and letter to the Parking Office
  4. Fill out Request for Refund Form
  5. Allow 2-3 weeks for refund to process

Vehicle Change

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to remove the permit (or decal) from any vehicle that is transferred. Upon return of the old permit, you may apply for a replacement.

Parking Decal/Permit Replacements/Reassignments

  • When you have a change in residence or move off campus, remove decal from windshield of vehicle and bring decal with one of the following to the Parking Office: 
    • Housing Release Form (move off campus)
    • Email from your Resident Director (resident change)
  • When a decal or permit is stolen, replacements will be issued with a copy of the police report.
  • If you sell or trade or total a registered vehicle, it is your responsibility to bring your old decal or permit to Parking Services and obtain a new decal or permit for your new vehicle. If the old decal or permit is not available you are to bring your new vehicle registration. If this new vehicle registration has the same license plate number as the vehicle with the permit, a new permit will be issued. If the new vehicle license plate number is different than the license plate number on file at the Parking Services Office, you must have supporting documentation, i.e.:

    1. Total Loss Report from your Insurance Co.
    2. Return Plate Form from the Registry of Motor Vehicles.
    3. Windshield Replacement Statement.

If you do not present any of the above you must purchase a new decal or permit at 50% of the decal price.

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Parking Lots


  • Obtaining and displaying a parking decal or permit is not a guarantee of a specific parking space.
  • Park only in designated areas and observe posted restrictions. Do not park on unpaved or landscaped areas, block gates, entrances, crosswalks, or handicap access ramps.
  • Vehicles in unauthorized areas or in violation of the law, such as improperly using a handicap parking place or in a fire lane will be towed.

Parking Decals

Parking decals designate the area and locations where you may park. Please refer to our web site for a map with parking lot locations:
Student, faculty and staff parking map

Ring Road

Ring Road parking is for commuters, faculty, and staff with valid decal only. Therefore, residents are prohibited from parking on Ring Rd with the exception of the designated spots outside adjacent to Lots 13A & 14A.

Commuter Student/PCE

For information designated for commuter and Professional and Continuing Education students, follow the link:
Student, faculty and staff parking map

Residential Student

Parking is restricted to each respective area. For information specifically designated  for residential students living in East Campus, Cedar Dell and Woodlands follow the link:
Student, faculty and staff parking map


Lots 1 and 17 are designated for faculty/staff use only Monday through Friday between the hours of 7am and 3pm. These lots are open for any use between 3pm and 11:59pm, Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends to vehicles with a commuter decal.


Staff and Administration may park in any space that is not designated as a residential or reserved parking place. Please contact the Parking Office for further details. Refer to the campus map for additional information:
Student, faculty and staff parking map

Faculty Emeritus, Retirees

Faculty emeritus and retirees must obtain a permit to park on campus. Faculty emeritus and retirees should contact Parking Services at 508.999.8121 for parking decal instructions. Faculty emeritus and retirees may park in any space that is not designated as a residential or reserved parking place.


Alumni must obtain an Alumni decal to park on campus. This may be obtained at the Parking Office. A alumni decal purchased for a fee of $25.00. For further information contact the office at 508.999.8121 or parking@umassd.edu.

All temporary permits and hangtags must hang from the rear-view mirror of the windshield when it is parked. If your temporary permit is obstructed and cannot be viewed by Public Safety then it is considered null and void. Your temporary permit must be removed while the vehicle is in motion.

Carpool Spaces

A student who chooses to carpool may park in the designated carpool parking spaces only.

To apply for a carpool permit:

  1. Fill out a Parking Service Carpool Form.
    Note: All members of the carpool must complete an individual carpool form.
  2. Each member of the carpool brings the completed form and vehicle registration, license, and UMass ID to Parking Services located on the ground level of the Campus Center.
  3. Those persons having an existing university parking decal must surrender it to Parking Services prior to receiving a carpool permit.
  4. Carpool tag will be issued upon receipt payment and documents listed above.

Carpool Form

Carpool / ridership program

Handicap Permits

Holders of approved handicap permits may park in any spot designated for handicap use.

Motorcycles, Motorized Cycles, and Pedicycles

There are a limited number of motorcycle spots available in some lots. Motorcycles, motorized cycles, and motorized pedicycles must have a valid parking permit and may park at any designated motorcycle spot or any parking space with a proper permit for that lot. They cannot be parked off the roadway, next to a building or on a walkway. Violations are subject to citations and towing.

Cyclists who currently have a parking permit for a vehicle and wish to bring a motorcycle on campus must bring to the Parking Office the registration and drivers license for their motorcycle. You will be issued a Motorcycle parking pass at no additional fee.  For individuals without a valid Parking Permit for a car, the fee is $25.00.  Please follow the same process as stated above. 

All motorized vehicles must be registered with the RMV to obtain a UMass parking permit.

Special Events

Special events and activities may require special regulations. Follow the appropriate signs and notices in regards to these restrictions. If you are planning an event, please contact Parking Services at 508.999.8121 and or parking@umassd.edu to make arrangements for your event or activity. 

Emergencies and Special Situations

During emergencies and special situations, it may become necessary for the University police to temporarily suspend or otherwise modify specific regulations found here or otherwise posted. In such cases, signs, other markings, or onsite supervision will communicate actions to this effect. Temporary regulations and restrictions shall be enforced accordingly. Some special situations include, but are not limited to, flooded roadways, construction, snow removal operations, ice on road, etc.

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Traffic and Parking Regulations

Traffic Regulations

  • All criminal and motor vehicle laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are enforced on the campus.
  • No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon any street, roadway or parking lot on University property at a speed that is greater than reasonable and proper without due regard for pedestrian traffic, weather conditions, or the condition of such street, roadway or parking lot. At no time may you exceed the posted campus speed limits, which are 15 MPH in Cedar Dell and the Residence Halls and 25 MPH along Ring Road.
  • Pedestrians in crosswalks have the right of way. A pedestrian has the right of way once he or she has stepped onto the street from a sidewalk, curb, or side of the road.
  • Vehicles proceeding from a parking lot and entering a street, road, or main traffic lane in a parking lot shall yield to oncoming vehicles or pedestrians on such streets, roads, or main traffic lanes.
  • The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident shall report the accident to the University Police immediately.

Parking Regulations

  • Rain or inclement weather does not alter any of the provisions of these regulations.
  • Vehicles may be parked and/or operated on University property only in such areas as are marked by signs, street markings (between white lines), and parking regulations, or other designations indicating that parking and/or operating is permitted.
  • The following practices are specifically prohibited:
    • Double Parking
    • Parking on the left or right side of the street, facing traffic
    • Parking over a line or across the line indicating a parking space
    • Parking on lawns or landscaped areas
    • Parking in front of a driveway, gate, walkway, dumpster, stairs, or in any manner such as to block traffic or parked vehicles, roadways, or hinder the passage of pedestrians or vehicles
    • Parking in fire lanes under any circumstances
    • Parking in loading zones or areas marked "no parking"
    • Parking in areas not designated for parking
    • Parking in a zoned area for a permit other than the one displayed
    • Parking in reserved areas or handicapped spaces without the appropriate permit
    • Parking in spaces marked "visitors" by any student, faculty or staff
    • Parking next to buildings where there are no parking spaces indicated
  • It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to find an appropriate space. Lack of a space or a convenient space is not considered an excuse for violation of any parking regulation.
  • In the event of a mechanical failure:
    • The driver must call the University Police for assistance.
    • A disabled vehicle may not be left in a fire lane, and only vehicles with a handicap permit may be left in a handicap space. If the vehicle cannot be moved from the space, it will be towed at the owner's expense.
    • If the University Police Department can assist you, or if you have any questions until repairs can be made, call 508.999.8107 at any time.
  • Vehicles left in the parking lots during Christmas recess or Spring Break will be towed at the owner's expense, if snow removal is necessary. It is recommended that all vehicles be removed. Special arrangements can be made by calling the parking office in advance.

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Parking Violations and Fines


The person to whom a vehicle is registered is held fully responsible for any violation involving the vehicle, even if another person was using the vehicle at the time of the violation, as well as any tickets received on any unregistered vehicles. Any person who unlawfully tampers with or removes from a motor vehicle or unlawfully changes, mutilates, or destroys any notice affixed to such motor vehicle will have his or her privilege to operate a vehicle on campus suspended and may be subject to prosecution under the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

List of Parking Violations and Amounts

  • More than 6 inches from curb: $10.00
  • Left to curb: $10.00
  • Illegal angle parking: $10.00
  • Crosswalk: $10.00
  • Sidewalk: $10.00
  • Impeding traffic: $10.00
  • Parking--proper decal required: $10.00
  • Less than 10 feet for passing traffic: $10.00
  • Bus stop: $15.00
  • No parking area: $15.00
  • Restricted parking area: $15.00
  • Double parking: $15.00
  • No parking on grass: $15.00
  • Loading zone: $20.00
  • Driveway: $20.00
  • Impeding snow removal: $20.00
  • Overnight parking: $20.00
  • Hydrant fire lane: $20.00
  • Handicapped: $50.00

Other violations include:

  • Falsification of University registration information
  • Improper display or affixing of a parking decal or permit
  • Fraudulent use of a University vehicle registration decal or permit
  • Using a special permit to operate a motor vehicle for other than purpose of issue
  • Failure to display appropriate University registration or parking decal or permit on a registered vehicle

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Payment of Fines and Billing

Proceeds from all parking fines are forwarded to the University Scholarship Fund.

Fines may be paid a number of ways:

  • At the Parking Office in the Campus Center during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm.
  • Via mail, by certified check or money order payable to University of Mass. Dartmouth. Please be sure to include the ticket number and vehicle plate number. Do not mail cash.

    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
    Parking Services
    285 Old Westport Rd.
    N. Dartmouth, MA 02747

  • By phone at 1-866-980-5363.
  • Online at the following website: www.parkingticketpayment.com/umdartmouth.
    If you have a hold on your driver's license or vehicle registration at the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, these tickets will be cleared within 4 days, unless a special request is made.

Failure to pay the parking fines within 21 days of the date of the violation will result in an additional $5.00 penalty. Delinquent notices will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. After an additional 30 days, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will be notified, and an additional penalty of $20.00 will be added. This fee cannot be waived under any circumstances. The registered owner of the vehicle will be prevented from renewing his/her license or registration until all tickets and penalties are paid in full. These penalties must be paid to UMass Dartmouth Parking Office before you will be cleared in the registry and renew your registration or license.

Overdue parking ticket notices are sent by COMPLUS DATA, the university's approved ticket vendor, to any individuals that have not paid their outstanding ticket(s).

Overdue notices are mailed at the beginning and middle of each month. 


All appeals must be submitted online at: http://www.parkingticketpayment.com/umdartmouth/ 

A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking only for a short time, failure to display a parking decal or not seeing the signs are unacceptable grounds for appeal. 

If you do not have access to a computer there are computers you may use at the Parking Office, Campus Center, 285 Old Westport Road, Dartmouth MA, 02747. 

To avoid added fees, submit appeals within 21 days of when the ticket was issued. Appeals are read once a day. Once a decision is rendered you will receive an email with the Parking Committee's decision.  If the appeal is denied, you may request a hearing before the University Parking Committee by emailing parkingticket@umassd.edu.

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Towing and Booting

Towing Policy

Vehicles in violation of the following, but not limited to such violations, are subject to tow at the owner's expense:

  • Parked in such a way as to create a hazard to other traffic, blocking a roadway or gate.
  • Parked in a fire lane.
  • Parked in a service lane, except while actually engaged in loading or unloading.
  • Parked in a handicapped zone without the proper permit, or reserved designated areas.
  • Parked in a reserved or designated space.
  • If an unregistered vehicle is either operated or allowed to remain on a public way.
  • A chronic offender, with five or more parking violations, who has neglected to abide by the regulations set forth on this page.

Vehicle Booting

Persons with vehicles that are booted for parking violations will have to pay a penalty of $50.00 (CASH ONLY). All outstanding balances for parking violations must be paid in full by cash or credit card only. For questions related to your violation, please contact Parking Services at 508.999.8131.

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