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Temporary Medical Condition Parking Policy

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Policy for Temporary Restricted Parking


Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide employees who have temporary medical conditions, with a parking space restricted for use during the period of their temporary medical condition.    

Definition: A temporary medical condition is one that, when healed allows the employee to resume normal activities within three months. Examples are a sprained/broken ankle, surgery recovery or other medical condition that limits the employee’s ability to walk unaided for a distance of 400 feet.

A temporary medical condition may also be defined as a chronic medical condition (one that is not expected to heal) or a medical condition that will take in excess of three months to heal. In this case the University will provide the employee with a bridge space while the employee applies for a state issued Handicapped Placard from the state in which they reside.


  • An employee who meets the criteria listed above should present a completed Form A and a document written and signed by the employee’s physician, stating such medical condition and the expected duration of time the medical condition will last, to the Human Resources Department.
  • Upon Human Resource review and approval, Human Resources shall sign off on Form A and forward it to Parking Services. All medical documentation must be submitted directly to Human Resources and will be maintained in Human Resources
  • If necessary Parking Services shall notify the Grounds Department to provide a temporary parking sign as near the employee’s requested location as possible.
  • When a location is determined and the identifying sign posted, (Assigned Parking Only, Violators will be Towed at Owner’s Expense) the employee will be given a hangtag for their vehicle’s mirror. The hangtag will clearly state the expiration date.
  • The employee shall then be entitled to use the space until the expiration date listed on the tag. These hang tags are not renewable. Maximum total duration not to exceed 90 calendar days.
  • This space will be available to the employee for a maximum of 90 calendar days. If the employee or physician expects the temporary medical condition to last more than the 90 days, the employee should apply to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the state where they reside, for a temporary Handicapped Placard.

UMass Dartmouth will make every effort to insure the parking space is available for the employee with the temporary medical condition. While the space is identified for the employee with the temporary medical condition, Parking Services cannot guarantee it will be available all the time. If the employee finds some other vehicle in his/her assigned space, the employee shall call UMass Dartmouth Police at 508-999-9191 to have the vehicle towed.

For any medical condition expected to last three months or more the employee should apply for an official Temporary Handicap Placard with their local Registry of Motor Vehicles.





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