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The PeopleSoft Finance system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system may be unavailable for maintenance during some weekends.

Financial Training Information

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Kirk Hellmuth

Information Systems/ Financial Reporting Manager


P: 508 999-8085


9.1 - Procard Reallocations

This course provides a three-step introduction to allocations: setup, run, and inquire.

Contact Jose Galarza at x8367 to inquire about Procard Reallocation training.

Finance Online Training

SUMMIT Reporting for PeopleSoft Finance 9.1

SUMMIT is available to all PeopleSoft Finance users. SUMMIT is a reporting tool which runs outside of PeopleSoft Finance, but it is based upon the PeopleSoft Finance 9.1 Reporting database. Click the appropriate link to access the SUMMIT online tutorial.