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Academic Affairs Policies


IdTitleEffective DateResponsible Office
ACA-C10-003 Export Control Compliance Policy November 22, 2010 Academic Affairs 
ACA-001 Procedure for Establishing New Academic Units and/or Programs January 1, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-006 BHE Expedited Approval for New Programs February 25, 2000 Board of Higher Education
ACA-013 Policy on Honorific Appointments January 1, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-014 Policy for Preliminary Screening or Interviewing at Professional Meetings as a Part of the Faculty Recruitment Process December 19, 2005 Academic Affairs
ACA-015 Policy for Graduate Program Administration January 1, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-016 Policy on Final Week Testing and Final Exams January 10, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-017 Academic Integrity Policy and Reporting Form January 12, 2008 Academic Affairs
ACA-018 Policy on Conferral of Posthumous Degrees January 10, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-020 Policy on Direct and Facility and Administrative Costs January 17, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-021 Policy on Unallowable Costs July 18, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-025 Policy on Course Buy-Outs July 1, 2005 Academic Affairs
ACA-026 Policy on Distribution of ICR Funds July 1, 2006 Academic Affairs
ACA-027 Policy on Uses of ICR Funds July 1, 2006 Academic Affairs
T92-012 Academic Degree Programs August 6, 1997 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T93-054 Emeritus June 2, 1993 Board of Trustees
T96-040 Intellectual Property - Dartmouth April 2, 1997 Board of Trustees
T00-080 Named Professorship Policy November 8, 2000 Board of Trustees
T97-111 Performance Measurement System December 3, 1997 Board of Trustees
T96-096 Policy on Centers and Institutes October 9, 1996 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T96-039 Policy on Conflicts of Interest Relating to Intellectual Property and Commercial Ventures - Dartmouth April 7, 1997 Board of Trustees
T96-047 Policy on Faculty Consulting and Outside Activities - Dartmouth February 7, 2001 (As Revised) Board of Trustees
T02-024 Policy on Research Professorships May 1, 2002 Board of Trustees
T01-012 Policy on Additional Faculty Compensation w/Guidelines February 7, 2001 Board of Trustees
T08-010 Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activities June 12, 2008 Board of Trustees