Previous Events and Highlights


28 September: "The Noticing Hypothesis and Teaching/Learning Mutually Intelligible Languages: Acquisition of Portuguese Pronunciation by Speakers of Spanish"
PhD Dissertation Proposal Defence
by Cristiane Soares, UMass Dartmouth



8 June: "Modernist Desires: (Trans)Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Sexuality in Fernando Pessoa and Mário de Sá-Carneiro"
PhD Dissertation Defense
by Fernando Beleza, UMass Dartmouth

12 May: "Food, Masculinities and Social Change in the Lusophone Transatlantic"
PhD Dissertation Proposal Defence
by Serena J. Rivera, UMass Dartmouth

30 April: "Pessoa, Portugal and the Future"
by Onésimo Almeida, Brown University

April 28: "Crisis and Critique: Gendered Representations of Abuse in Late 20th Century Portuguese Literature and Culture"
PhD Dissertation Defense
by Cecília Amaral, UMass Dartmouth 

23 April: "Identity and Belonging in Literature"
by Inês Pedrosa, Visiting Portuguese Writer

 23 April: "Portugal's 25th of April 1974 Revolution and its Legacies: Historical Perspectives"
by Douglas Wheeler, University of New Hampshire

 22 April: "José Saramago and the Nature of Fiction"
by Otavio Bueno, University of Miami

15 April: "Recollections of the Yellow House"
film directed by João César Monteiro
presented by prof. Frédéric Vidal

09 April: "Nostalgia for the Avant-Gardes"
by Sílvia Oliveira, Rhode Istand College

27 Fevereiro: "Austerity Policies and Politics - the UE and the US Rumble",
by Vasco Rato, President of FLAD

19 February: "Phytofabulae: Tales of the Amazon",
by Patrícia Vieira, Georgetown University



Teresa Valdez's PhD Dissertation Defense

Luiza Lobo on Women's Fiction in Brazil

Talk by valter hugo mãe

Carla Martin on Cape Verde

F. Beleza on Pessoa

Ricardo Gualda on Simulations

Zenith on Pessoa

Sérgio Sousa on Eça and Verne



Fernando Pessoa's Conception of a Non-existent Nature

Eduardo Prado and the "American Illusion"

Luiz Valente on Guimarães Rosa

Alexander Lee's PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense

Analia Tebaldi's MA Thesis Defense   

Valéria M. Souza's PhD Dissertation Defense on May 3, 2013

Sónia Pires's MA Thesis Defense on May 8, 2013

Graduate Calendar May 2012-May 2013

What is Changing in the Portuguese Language? By Prof. Isabel Hub Faria



9th Annual Conference on Portuguese Language Education

Teresa Valdez's PhD Dissertation Proposal Defense   

Gregory Dillon's MA Thesis Defense

What do we talk about when we talk about fiction? By Jacinto Lucas Pires

Second UMD Portuguese and Lusophone Spring Film Series

The Character in Journalism Revisited. By Prof. Mário Mesquita

Peter Sufrin's MA Thesis Defense

Eufrida Silva's PhD Dissertation Defense