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 CV Format and Timetable for Personnel Recommendations

CV Format (pdf)

Timetable for Personal Recommendations (Revised 2015)

 Third and Fourth Year Contract Renewal                          Due

FEC to Dept Chair                                                               1-Oct
Dept Chair to Academic Council                                        15-Oct
Academic Council to Dean                                                   1-Nov
Dean to Provost                                                               15-Nov

Fifth and Sixth Year Contract Renewal

FEC to Dept Chair                                                               1-Apr
Dept Chair to Academic Council                                        15-Apr
Academic Council to Dean                                                   1-May
Dean to Provost                                                               30-May

Tenure Timeline

Tenured Members to Dept. Chair                                     15-Dec
Dept. Chair to Academic Council                                      15-Jan
Academic Council to Dean                                                  1-Feb
Dean to Provost                                                                 1-Mar
Provost to Chancellor                                                         1-Apr


FEC to Dept. Chair                                                           15-Oct
Dept. Chair to Academic Council                                      30-Oct
Academic Council to Dean                                                30-Nov
Dean to Provost                                                               20-Jan

PMYR Timetable

DEC/LEC (as appropriate) to Dept. Chair                         Feb 19, 2016
Dept. Chair to Academic Council                                       Mar 4, 2016
Academic Council to Dean                                                Mar 25, 2016
Dean to Provost                                                             April 29, 2016
Provost to Chancellor                                                       May 20, 2016

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