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Below, please find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.
If you need additional information, please contact our office.

1. What is the mission of the Office of Public Affairs?

The Office of Public Affairs is responsible for coordinating the strategic communications and advocacy strategies of UMass Dartmouth—that is, for sharing the "UMass Dartmouth story" with the world.

2. How does Public Affairs get the word out about UMass Dartmouth?

We use a multi-faceted approach:

In addition, we are in constant contact with local, state, and federal policy-makers to make sure they are aware of the positive impact that UMass Dartmouth has on the lives of individuals and communities.

3. How can I help tell the UMass Dartmouth story?

Tell us your story by visiting umdstories.com. Your accomplishments, service to the community, and aspirations are worth sharing and can help us bring to life the UMass Dartmouth story.

Remember to like us on Facebook—and join thousands of students, alumni, and friends in spreading the word.

4. Why is it important to understand and use the style guides for publications and the web?

By following the style guides, you help us maintain consistency and quality in our messages and in the UMass Dartmouth identity, or brand.

Professional designers and writers have developed the guides to help you:

  • use UMass Dartmouth's logos appropriately
  • write effectively for print publications and the web

Publications Style Guide (PDF)

Guide to Web Writing

5. How do I get a brochure designed and printed?

Start with the Publications Office's project intake form, which will provide our design team with critical information needed to plan and schedule the project.

6. My website needs a serious upgrade. What should I do?

The first step is contacting the Web Development team and talking with them about your website needs.

However, you can often improve the quality of your site very quickly by simply updating the content using T4, our content management system. Basic training in T4 can provide any computer-literate employee with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep a website up-to-date and accurate—the most important features of any website.

7. How can I get involved with WUMD-FM?

There are many opportunities at WUMD (89.3 FM) for students to learn, create, make new friends, and build resumes—whether you want to be on the air or involved behind the scenes in production, marketing, or the technical side of broadcasting.

WUMD is also a popular work-study site for students. And there are opportunities for faculty to create service learning projects in collaboration with WUMD.

In addition, students, faculty, and staff are welcome to propose new shows for the station, provided they are willing to undergo training and make the time commitment necessary to sustain quality programming.

8. Are there other service learning opportunities in the Office of Public Affairs?

The Assistant Chancellor for Public Affairs is always looking for ways to connect the work of our office to the education of our students.

Opportunities include organizing promotional events, creating advocacy strategies, designing publications, and refreshing our social networking presence.

There are also a number of student employment and work-study opportunities available.

9. What is Public Affairs doing to make sure state and federal policy-makers support UMass Dartmouth and public higher education?

The Office of Public Affairs—working closely with the Chancellor, the Office of the President, and our colleagues across the UMass system—communicates regularly with state and federal elected and appointed officials. Our priorities are to secure funding for basic operations and infrastructure that supports learning and research, while seizing opportunities to connect teaching and learning to the economic and social development of the region. We base our case on the idea that every UMass Dartmouth graduate provides a massive return on the public investment in his or her education.

10. How do you decide what to show on the university's home page?

The home page is designed by the Web Development team to offer an attractive snapshot of life at UMass Dartmouth.

There are so many amazing things that are happening on campus that it is impossible to provide them all with the space they deserve. Instead, we try to present a diversity of activity that is representative of campus life while also focusing on the information we believe new visitors (prospective students, parents, etc.) want and need.

Meanwhile, we are constantly developing new tools (portals, social networking, etc.) to spread the word about the achievements and aspirations of our students, faculty, and staff.