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Learning to live and work green

UMass Dartmouth students are actively engaged in multiple activities and projects designed to connect their passion to create a greener planet with their desire to gain real-world and marketable skills. Here are just two examples of how our students are working with our innovative faculty to make UMass Dartmouth a shining example of sustainable learnining, living, and discovery.


Charllton College of Business Net Impact President Elizabeth Townley discusses the organization and its efforts to promote business principles that foster positive social, environmental and economic impact. The Charlton College chapter has achieved silver status among its international counterparts for the second year in a row. This designation places the Charlton College student team among the top 23 of 270 chapters located around the world, joining business schools at the University of California Berkley, University of Chicago and Columbia University.

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Dr. Brian Howes is the director of the Massachusetts Estuaries Project, a partnership between the University, Commonwealth, local communities, and environmental organizations that is striving to build sustainable plans to save the Cape Cod and SouthCoast coastline from degradation caused by too much development. Students like Jennifer Benson, who is conducting her own research, have contributed thousands of hours to the project and upon graduation have become valuable resources in the never-ending mission to achieve balance between economic and environmental interests.

Watch Jennifer Benson's story






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