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Tell us your story

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Students, faculty, staff and alumni:

Do you have a story to tell about your experience at UMass Dartmouth – one that illustrates how smart, innovative, engaged we are….or demonstrates our blue and gold spirit? Well, we want to hear about it -  the teaching, learning, discovery and service exploits that distinguish our faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

Don’t be bashful. We want to hear about:

Cutting edge research.....Green initiatives.....New strategies to enhance education.....Alumni successes.....Big awards.....Career achievements.....Go-getter students.....Inspirational professors.....Better ways to serve students.....Powerful community service.

Your story matters because it will encourage:

State and national policy makers to build support for our campus.....Employers to hire our graduates.....Smart, innovative, and engaged students to join our community.....Alumni and other friends to contribute to our success.

Each story about UMass Dartmouth that appears in the mass media or across the social network:

Strengthens our “World Class. Within Reach.” brand.  We seek to prove ourselves in the hearts and minds of individuals seeking a World Class place of learning and discovery that remains Within Reach – financially, geographically, and temporally.

What happens to your story?

We will transmit your story to the world.....It may show up on our home page, in the mass media, on our 10,000-watt radio station, or in our 30,000 circulation UMass Dartmouth Magazine.....It may be shared via Facebook, Twitter, our Campanil-E blog and other areas of our vast and growing social network.

So let’s make it happen.

Send an email to publicaffairs@umassd.edu right now, including the following:

Name.....Major or Department.....Hometown.....Graduation year (if you are a student or graduate).....Your story.

We’ll take it from there.





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